Alliance Darkshore Portal Crash

Used the Boralus portal to Darkshore, instant fall through ground after the load screen, followed by crash WOW51900319. Repeats with every login attempt, all addons disabled.

7:54pm EST @ 9/26


Prisha, did you ever get a reply from anyone about this issue? I’ve been having the same issue, only with this character (none of my alts have trouble). I fall through the world and either my game crashes or I end up in Felwood with no npc’s visible.
I either have to hearth and try again or give up and just fly myself to Darkshore. Very annoying.

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same issue for me since the 8.2.5 came out.

i have even reinstalled the game with no luck

Still having this issue on Stormrage server, only on one character (120 night elf druid, having trouble switching on forum sorry). It has been happening since 8.2.5 as stated before. Have submitted multiple reports.

Have this issue as well. Only on one character. Sometimes am able to use the portal successfully, other times multiple disconnects until I am ported to Felwood.

Having the same problem here too. Night Elf Druid is the only character it happens on.

Same here, I just boosted my NE Druid to 120 and can’t use the portal, fall straight through the ground and get kicked to login.

Anyone have a solution?

Same problem here, NE Druid…it just started today for me, no adds numerous relogins…still just disconnects. Alts, no problems.

Same, here. NE Hunter, 120. Port, fall through world, d/c… multiple times; now stuck in the neverending/no escape loop. Hopefully this gets a fix, I’d like to be able to use my toon, again. ^.^

I have the same bug - use portal from Boralus to Darkshore - fall through the ground, eventually disconnect, when I re login I end up in Felwood.

Still happening

Ditto, still happening to me on my main, a NELF. I am in WarMode, don’t know if that has anything to do with it. Keep falling through world, get d/c and after 4 or 5 times logging back on and same stuff happening (cause I’m trapped in a loop) I will finally be deposited in Felwood.

Same here. Only one character also. Had to do scan and repair to show up in felwood.

Same issue, still happening. Night elf druid

Same issue here on my NE Druid. Not in warmode.

NE hunter, DH can go fine. Seems my Draenei also have no issues.

You have to use the self service options to have your character moved out of there:


Same thing happening to me on my characters. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE Blizzard. I have virtually NO access to the Darkshore dailies and other quests due to this bug. And even the “Stuck Character” Help option to move my character from falling through the world to Westfall is bugged. Every time I attempt to get my characters moved the Help option returns an error like “Unable to process this request, try again in 8 hours”. Ummm what? WTF? When I attempt to use the Blizzard web site to get my characters moved it tells me that none of my characters are ELIGIBLE for the service and I have to wait 8 hours? WTF WTF WTF? Seriously Blizzard? This has been happening for a long, long, LONG time now, it is REPRODUCIBLE 100% of the time (every single time I use the portal it happens, every -single- time) and I have reported the bug dozens upon dozens of times. WHY IS THIS NOT FIXED AND WHY DOES THE “MOVE CHARACTER” help option NEVER WORK???


Fix it Blizzard. Fix it now.

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THIS OPTION NO LONGER WORKS CORRECTLY. It is perpetually “unavailable” to all my characters.

This is still happening to me as well, since this latest patch (last Tues?). Zone into darkshore, DC. The first few days it would take several attempts to get back on that character. Now it still happens, but after logging back on, I am magically in Felwood. Everytime.

Hmm, it still works for me. I’ve used it 3 times now including this past week and it has worked fine.
You might have to make a help ticket then. I agree, this kinda thing can get pretty maddening. Hopefully they fix this bug.