All you computer and coding wizards, is blizzard right?

You do know Classic runs on the same servers and engines and backends and everything else as Retail yeah?

They could retain the classic philosophy and implement server optimizations. It’s not (in theory) really all that difficult. It’s just not worth their time first of all, and it would take way longer than these queues will last. It’s just a time-consuming process that nets them nothing in the long run

They did build it based on the modern architecture. the only thing they kept was damage values etc. and textures/models.

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runs on the same hardware, but not the same software.

Bruh. WOTLK servers capped at 5k; if you think this isnt modern tech ive got some news for you.

Literally everyone on the planet has time for a hobby. The amount of time put into hobbies that make them enjoyable is subjective.

I could play 20 minutes a night and have the time of my life.

Do you understand how that works?

I’m pretty sure they did in this thread (scroll to the bottom):

[Classic] The unacceptable state of Classic servers - Community / WoW Community Council - World of Warcraft Forums (


Obviously you have no idea projects and companies work

Logically speaking, if you work more than we do, you logically will NOT have the time to do anything but live life, i work on average 5 days a week, if you work more than me, you’re either working 6 or 7 days a week

I average 40 hours a week, meaning if you work more than me, you’d be averaging 50/60/70 or 80 hours a week, effectively having no free time.

except the player base literally made them a multi billion dollar company with sub fees and store purchases among the few

Thats not how logic works bud. I don’t think it means what you think it means.

I could and have worked 7 days a week and still enjoyed wow, so there goes your “logic” theory.

This community:

“Wow I sure wish Blizzard actually communicated with us and acted like humans!”

Blizzard employees write up huge explanations detailing everything that’s going on.

“Wow, I can’t believe everything Blizzard says is a lie!”

Yep, I wouldn’t be surprised if we get radio silence going forward again very soon.

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So if someone is telling you something that is a blatant lie it is okay because at least they said something?

That is how logic works, and that is just plain dumb.

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You ignore the factoring of average work hours a day, 80 hours a week, 7 days week doesn’t leave you much free time.

Stupid 600 pound cow is stupid.

I try to lose weight but this grass is so freaking good i can’t stop eating it

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There is, it’s just the classic community would explode if they implemented it…

Well I mean, maybe don’t lie than?

LoL that council member Mispeled just destroyed that poor blue lol

Honestly, a really good read.

Not going to lie … I read it and was like:

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Mispeled was trying to end that blue, wow. Generally impressed

This kind of tech isn’t something they just suddenly will stop needing considering they are quite literally a company that makes online games.
In fact, if anything, they should already have the tech developed for their newer games.

The issue is that they don’t want to spend money on making the code for Classic compatible with newer tech.