All you computer and coding wizards, is blizzard right?

Imagine thinking the players have any blame for these issues LOL what a world it must live in to be so delusional

The short answer is Blizzard has its own large data centers in key places around the world.

They use virtual servers to manage periods of high usage. This occurs around game launches and BlizzCon. There has been virtual server augmentation for the launch of WoW Classic. Even so, the demand for PvP servers was much higher than expected. There is a bump up in PvP servers utilizing virtual servers. That will remain for a while until the demand flattens out. As this occurs, these new servers will be stealthy moved to the Blizzard data centers. Players won’t notice the change. We have a great IT department!

Blizzard, like most companies, wants to minimize to cost of being hosted on clouds. But, they are a cost effective alternative to buying excess hardware for high demand periods.

There’s your answer, they have both, cloud hosting is more expensive hence they try to avoid them.

And since this likely will be short spike until wrath launches they’re probably just hoping the need dies down.

The problem won’t solve the problem until people speak with their money. Heck, that’s many companies. But, if it cuts into profits once shareholders/stakeholders get a whiff of it, crap will hit the fan. And I don’t mean it takes 50% profit as they’re so greedy (I would be too) that they get livid over a 100 thousand loss per fiscal quarter.

Your pockets are the only way they come up with a solid fix. You can complain nine ways till Sunday, but if you’re still playing, then you’re still paying, and don’t expect any fixes soon other than minor patches. We have a pretty robust CI/CD process in place, and some days, we have a ton (100ish) of bug patch releases throughout the day; these are lower than minor, but we are constantly fixing bugs and save our two-week minor releases and small features. And 12 months for major releases.

Yep and most people fail to realize this game engine began in 1998/99, possibly older. Some of it has been upgraded of course, the database seems to have at some point been upgraded from a 32bit database to a large one, unsure of size though, because it has to maintain compatability with the older code. Tech exists to fix it, if they rewrite the wow engine from the ground up in 2022, that would allow no queues on grob sometime around 2026

Here is how Blizzard fixes this with thing they already have with one addition from retail that hasn’t been shown to already exist in classic.

Split Mega-Realms into multiple realms. For this example lets say Benediction is split into Benediction 1, Benediction 2, Benediction 3, and Benediction 4. Allow free transfer between those realms so that guilds can reorganize themselves.

Then connect these four realms with each other. Lift the restriction that are currently in place. Allowing those 4 realms to act as one. (Yes, this has already been shown to be in place just locked to us).

Then implement the retail auction house with those four realms feeding into a single AH. As opposed to it being region-wide like in retail.

There issue is solved with your own tech. Want to take it further? Add cross-realm guilds that retail has/is supposed to get. Now you have four realms acting as if they were one. You issue has been solved without you having to spend any money with further tech that you seem to think doesn’t exist.

Gotta love it. “I don’t believe Blizzard so I’m going to link a Blizzard explanation of something that is completely irrelevant to the current situation that will prove me right!”

LOL that blizzard can in fact scale their servers up on demand is irrelevant,

Yeah, you’re trolling as you have for years. The situation is not similar between Retail and Classic.

LOL I guess you didn’t actually even bother to read, they have in fact done this before for classic.

They are simply choosing not to now, presumably hoping that the problem will blow over before it really costs too many subs. Which with wrath proper launching in a couple weeks and the initial rush ending a few weeks after that might not be a bad gamble financially. I don’t know what the actual costs are.

I can’t read or comprehend this for you. That’s something you’ll have to figure out on your own.

Apparently no you can’t read or comprehend as they have in fact done exactly that for classic in the past.

You’ll have to figure that out on your own.

I regret ever defending you against the onslaught of people rightfully calling you a “Wall of No Troll.”

You’re linking Blizzard posts from years ago about a completely different game service and attempting to correlate that with the situation now, while ignoring the up to date Blue posts. I’m blocking you now.

LOL they literally mentioned classic and how they did exactly this for classic.

It has absolutely nothing to do with that, you’re talking about something you don’t understand.

I’ve been running multiple Dark age of Camelot servers. All using the same version of DOL (for those who know). The reason why is because my database was old and I was too lazy to update to newer version.

That being said, it is clear that running an old version of a server on a brand new machine with whatever hardware you want to put in will result in poor server performance.

In other word, the real shame is Blizzard not wanting to change a single piece of code in order to be super cost efficient. I already can imagine the exec meeting: “Guys, I have a brilliant idea, let’s use this old piece of garbage code and people will pay a ton of money for it, no need to do anything”.

Think the issue is that they haven’t updated the whole coding cuz atm you have like 5+ fixes for the same issue but you can’t remove old fixes because w/e caused it is still in the coding or you’d just have the issue again and re make the same coding.
This is probably what’s causing the stress on the current hardware as it needs to read way more then needed coding but Kotak needs more money then fixing that issue

Just ditch your friends bro to go to a new server. Just spend $25 dollars multiple times bro. We don’t have the tech bro.

well this thread blew up

Imagine blaming your customers for your software being unusable. What if Microsoft Office 365 put us in a 5 hour queue to use Word, and then some shills told us that its our fault because they offered Excel and Notepad and we didn’t take them up on it.

The mental gymnastics are incredible. I honestly dont give two craps about the tech. Its not my job to. Our only responsibility is to pay in order to enjoy the END PRODUCT.

But but but it’s completely impossible to scale software up to hundreds of thousands or millions of users.

Oh wait blizzard only needs to scale it up to accommodate what 30k users? Using a solution they have used in the past for classic?

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