All Portals Missing - Orgrimmar

I am not able to see any portals in the Cleft of Shadows. Someone else in General Chat gave me the impression that s/he could not either.

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I guess you haven’t been paying attention to the game-related news.

tl;dr: all the portals were moved to a dedicated portal room. In the case of Org, it’s in the tunnel under the outer wall.

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There are no portals there now. There’s a portal room in Orgrimmar in the entrance tunnel.

thank you for the reply

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You’re welcome and happy adventuring!

I cant seem to find the portal to Orgrimmar can anyone help me

Can’t tell you how to get there from wherever you are unless we know where you are.

If you are in Shat, there’s portals to Org and SW in the big round building in the middle city.

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So I am leveling my Moose and she is 108. I want to get back to panda land to do some battle pets and can find no portals anywhere in Org. Not even in the portal room.

The Pandaria portal is labeled “Jade Forest” and takes you to your faction’s starting town in the first questing zone in Pandaria.

It will not be usable unless you have been there before, so if you have not you will need to do the Pandaria intro quest which starts in your faction’s throne room. You don’t have to do any actual questing if you don’t want to, just take the boat, cutscene, arrive and you can immediately bug off and do your own thing and the portal will work after that.

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In some Legion quests it still directs you to Cleft of Shadows, which is very confusing for players returning from long breaks.