All Classes should be available for All Races

New expo on the horizon, new post on the matter. There remains no reason why classes remain racially-locked. There is no reason, say, a Tauren can’t learn arcane magic, or a Vulpera can’t pick up Paladin skills. And before the completely-predictable response of ‘but their racial culture doesn’t allow it’, let me remind you that their racial culture also doesn’t tend to generate individuals capable of slaying gods on the regular and easily traversing multiple dimensions. Yet here we are.

The PC, like it or not, is a unique and special individual in the World of Warcraft, and it is beyond time for that to be reflected. Not just in storyline content, but in mechanical ability as well. ‘The vulpera don’t get chosen by the light/sun/whatever’s powering Paladins this week, tho!’ Well, this one did. Knight of the Unforgiving Sun, Vulperadin is here to spread some retributive justice! ‘Tauren hate arcane magic tho!’ Well this one was curious about Dalaran, and exceeded all expectations and became a master conjurer/evoker (lol not really that’s the only Dracthyr class lolololololol).

Our racial choice should inform some background elements, and our individual character is built from what elements we adhere to as well as what we discard.


Their racial culture can easily be changed by editing their racial page on the World of Warcraft website.

We have intermingled for years now. You’re telling me, after losing their home. Some night elves don’t feel abandoned by Elune and want to worship the Light?

A Draenei cannot get curious about fel magic and learn to art of making contracts with demons?

A worgen cannot find inner peace with their curse raging inside of them and train to become a monk?

Our factions are melting pots. A massive exchange of cultures. OP is right, let people craft their own stories in this game. Isn’t that what this is supposed to be? Making our own paths in this wonderful world Blizzard made?

No one said the other Draenei need to like that Draenei warlock. They can be an outcast, like night elf mages or night elf death knights. But allow the players to embark on that story.


I agree. In a game that cares about lore, world rules, and races, this matters. This game though …


-puts on blindfold-

I’ve sacwificed evewything.


Your sacrifice is noted, and we welcome you into our ranks Fluff Hunter. Suffer well.


Yes I cant wait to play a Mechagnome Druid. Nothing beats robobears.


Really wish there was still a dislike button. Tired of some of you wanting to water down this game. Be it this or cross faction everything. Wanna play a certain class, pick one of the available races.


We are getting Rogues, Mages, and Priests for all classes once the pre-patch hits. It sounds to me like this is a long-term goal for them to open up most classes to the available races. They mentioned things like Druid forms take time to implement. I could see Demon Hunter and obviously (For Now) the new class Evoker not being included in that but am glad to see things opening up more.


Having a class locked to a race doesn’t somehow impact that race’s ‘culture’. That’s what homelands, backgrounds, and theming are for. All having a race-locked class does is force people onto particular races to try something new, instead of being able to play their favorites. Again. There’s zero reason why a Tauren can’t learn arcane magic or an Forsaken or Vulpera can’t be Paladins.

Your character is a special individual that should be able to be shaped as the player sees fit. If I want a Tauren to toss away their entire teachings to pursue something Thunder Bluff might find heretical or taboo, then so be it. I have the Council’s blessing on this (because the Horde as a whole accepts the class being practiced), so if Thunder Bluff or Silvermoon or whoever wants to get antsy, I can just point them at the capital.


no thanks remember all them posts in mop about homoginezation no homgenization of classes. i like the differences sorry you don’t. tauren rogue is the dumbest thing wow has done in awhile


What on earth are you talking about ‘homogenization of classes’? There’s no difference between a Dwarven Paladin, a Human Paladin, a Blood Elf Paladin, or a Tauren Paladin. The only thing that changes is the shape of the avatar, that’s IT. The classes are already identical across races, now it’s just opening them up so every race can partake.


Give me vulpera druids!


Sure there is. But people apparently hate lore and storyline and culture in their RPGs now.

I’d be fine with this ONLY if they add storyline as to why and racial class skins for some that need it to make sense.

Sure there is. Storyline and culture. Take that out completely and it absolutely is just empty skins.


Absolutely not.

There are very clear class/race restrictions which, to remove them, would absolutely shred the lore for a particular race. Now granted there is room for expansion, a lot of room. In fact, I even created a spreadsheet covering where there’s room for expansion and where there’s not.

Included all the combos we are getting with 10.0 as ‘already have’ even though they’re not available yet.


Why does there need to be a huge revolution in Tauren society to permit Tauren Mages? Dalaran accepts anyone with the aptitude for the craft, are you really saying in the HISTORY of Tauren existence NOT ONE was ever or would ever be curious about the Arcane? My PC becoming a Tauren Mage does not impact the culture of the Tauren one iota, because I am not only just one individual, but I am an individual beyond the average. Every PC is.

Again, the PC can be an avatar of the culture or an anomaly of it, both are equally and totally valid. Hell, Tauren Engineers ought not to exist because they use the exact same explosives the Dwarves do which, by the logic posed by the VERY TAUREN THEMSELVES, ought to make the elementals furious with them as well. Yet somehow they don’t. Magic A is not being Magic A here.

The PC is not bound by the rules of their race or origin. Otherwise races as a whole become one-note caricatures who have trouble fitting in with developing and modernizing worlds (again, see Tauren). Tribal spirit warriors as an identity doesn’t work when 3/5ths of your core faction are tribal spirit warriors to begin with (Tauren, Orcs, and Trolls). They’re just bigger tribal spirit warriors.

Your character is the exception to the rule. However you want to express that exception is up to you.


Not your sense of fashion though. That transmog is AWESOME!

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And I would dislike this


Tauren mages are actually possible. There is nothing in Tauren lore that restricts them from becoming mages. This is one of the possible areas of expansion for that particular race.

Basically if there’s no lore that directly conflicts with that race/class combo it’s theoretically possible. In fact, Tauren Mages will be a thing in 10.0.


I’ll take Warlock everything with frontrunners being Kul Tiran Warlock and Draenei Warlock. :hearts: :hearts: :hearts: