Algalon the Observer - Defeated Jan 2021 (after 50+ attempts)

I need help with this.

So, I’m relatively new to battle pets. I started very, very late in 8.3, and I’m just now getting to a place where I feel like I’ve got a solid collection.

You can look at my collection on Warcraft Pets if it helps.

I spent literally all night yesterday trying to defeat Algalon the Observer to get the celestial bunny.

I’m starting to think it cannot be done.

None of the strategies with the Emerald Proto-Whelp work. They just don’t. The bunny Cosmos’ swapping mechanic no longer lines up satisfactorily with the Emerald Dream ability, so the EPW strategies that use Emerald Dream to prevent being swapped do not work. At all.

None of the strategies with Son of Sethe work anymore, either. I got a bit farther with the Son of Sethe/Lil Bling strategy, but it’s still not good enough because Sethe takes much more damage in this fight than the strategies claim, and he dies long before the third pet comes out.

Almost all strategies start with a power breed Zandalari Anklerender or Kneebiter. This no longer gets Comet (pet 1) down far enough for any of the strategies to work because of the BfA nerf to Black Claw.


I’m pulling my hair out after hours of throwing everything I can think of at this battle to figure it out.

The most success I had was finding that the new Death Seeker pet DOES get Comet (pet 1) down as far as the Zandalari raptors used to in the old strats. Using Murder the Innocent followed by his 3-turn beam, the Death Seeker gets Comet low enough with a crit to let Son of Sethe finish him off with one breath after Death Seeker dies, which is the place old strats start on Cosmos.

Have any of you successfully done this since pre-patch? Is it just broken? Help. I beg you.


Okay, so I finally got it down. It’s not easy, and none of the old strategies work anymore. None of them. I tried them ALL. So save yourself the headache. For real. Here is the strategy I used. It worked the first time I used it, but your mileage may vary if you don’t get crits in the right places.


Pet #1 - Zandalari Kneebiter (P/P)

You can substitute any of the Zandalari raptor pets with the P/P breed. My Anklerender is a S/S, and I had zero success with him. I am more than 50 attempts into this fight, so trust me: use the one that has a power breed, whichever one it is that you have.

You want Black Claw and Hunting Party. The other ability will not be used.

Death Seeker (H/H from layer two of Twisting Corridors) might work, as well, but I never got a crit from him, and it was always close, but never quite got there.

Pet #2 - Emerald Proto-Whelp (P/P)

Set your abilities to Breath, Ancient Blessing, and Emerald Dream

I don’t know if the P/S breed will work or not. I only have the P/P so did not try with the other breed. Know that using the P/S breed will NOT make you faster than Cosmos the rabbit, so it will not matter for the purposes of avoiding swap mechanic.

Pet #3 - Darkmoon Zeppelin (H/B)

Many online strats say you should use the Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling in this space, but mine died every time. It doesn’t have enough hit points. The Zeppelin has more health than the MPD, so I tried it out and it worked my first attempt.

The only ability you will use is Decoy.

Use the pet you have with Decoy that has the highest amount of health.

Fighting Comet

Comet is a Dragon, and he hurts. Bring up your Zandalari Raptor and use Dark Claw followed by Hunting Party. Your raptor will be defeated after Hunting Party ends. IF you do not crit, which will get Comet down to around 200 HP, forfeit and start again. This could take a while (bring many bandages), but that’s what the nerf to Black Claw has done to this encounter. I have tried EVERY hard-hitting pet in my arsenal to kill Comet, and this is the only one that works. Death Seeker getting a crit might work, as well, but it never happened for me.

Bring in your Emerald Proto-Whelp and cast Breath. This should kill Comet.

If Comet does not die after the first breath, you will probably fail the fight, but I have successfully gotten into the proper rotation on Cosmos with two breaths to kill Comet…so stick it through and see.

Fighting Cosmos

Cosmos is a Magic class. The mechanic you have to watch for is the forced swap he does. It’s called Phase Punch, and you cannot avoid it. Prior to BfA, people could bypass this swap, but that no longer works.

Use Emerald Dream and follow that up with Ancient Blessing. Never deviate from this even if your whelp is at 100% as the round begins. Cosmos will ALWAYS go first, and so you must use Emerald Dream followed by Ancient Blessing every time they are up, in that order. Breath until forced to swap.

Have your Zeppelin cast Decoy, and then manually swap back to the Emerald Proto-Whelp on the next turn.

Emerald Dream/Ancient Blessing/Breath rotation until forced to swap the second time. Decoy will be back up. Cast Decoy and manually swap the second time.

Repeat your whelp’s rotation until Cosmos is defeated. You should not be swapped a third time. If you are, and if the Zeppelin is defeated, you must forfeit and begin again. The Zeppelin MUST BE ALIVE and in the backline when the third pet comes out.

Fighting Constellantius

The final enemy pet is a Magic class celestial boar. You will not kill him. The idea is to stay alive long enough to trigger his Apocalypse. If your zeppelin is in the backline and still alive when Constellantius comes out, you will win.

Still on the whelp, use the same rotation and just stay alive for the 15 rounds until Constellantius is defeated by his own Apocalypse.


I just want to say congrats on beating this. It looks like an absolute hell ride. I completed this long enough ago that it was just another brainless strat I read on wowhead, so big kudos to innovating and figuring out a new strategy. Grats on your bunny!


Thanks! There is a person on Xu-Fu who had something very close to this (so credit should go to him/her, as well), but it wasn’t working for me as written. I just swapped out two things and bob’s yer uncle. I had Stardust out with me in raid this evening. So cute.

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Congratulations. Admirable determination. Well earned.
Edit: It has been well over a year, and your team seems to be the only solution.
You are a Hero! Grats! edit date: 4/8/2022

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Your determination is admirable AND your strategy was effective, and therefore perfect.

I’ve tried this battle numerous times off and on, and I always get frustrated after about 10 tries or so and give up. Today was the first time I thought, “screw it, I’ve had this quest in my log for years, I’m just going to look up the strategy” – only to find, as you did, that none of them worked. But yours did! First try.

Thank you for having the perseverance that I did not. :slight_smile:


Sadly, the problem with this fight in particular is it can only ever be done once, period, on your entire account.

So the normal strategy creators can’t make new strategies, and people can’t check that old ones still work.


You can only beat it once? Or you can only attempt it once?

Can only complete it once. Meantime can pound away for months, getting more and more annoyed with every loss.

You can only beat it once. You can attempt it as much as you want. But most creators finished it well before pet abilities have been changed, so some of the older strategies no longer work.

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As of 10/12/21 your strategy still works! Thank you so much!


Wonderful! This worked for me on the first try. I didn’t use the Darkmoon Zeppelin though because you suggested to bring your highest pet with Decoy and that was the Alarm-o-bot for me. 1546 HP for the Darkmoon Zepp and 1725 for the Alarm-o-bot, and that may have saved me.

You mentioned that if I didn’t get any crits during the Hunting Party that I should probably reset. I didn’t, but I decided to keep going just to experience the rest of the strategy before trying again. And the strategy won on the first try, but my Alarm-o-bot was BARELY alive, so I think that extra HP saved me.

I’ve posted this strategy (and a link and attribution) on wowhead so that those in the comments who are looking for a Shadowlands strategy will be able to find it (if it was already there, I didn’t see it).


I didn’t see it there. Which page did you post it to?

And thanks for doing that. I didn’t even consider doing it. I’m currently working on starting a second WoW account strictly for pet battle/collection videos & tutorials. Should be fun (and something to do).

Nevermind, I found it! Thanks and good job! I’m considering adding it to Xu-Fu as well

As of 11/29/21, this strat no longer works, Decoy DOES NOT block apocalypse. Confirmed after it killed my zep with decoy out twice in a row. Move on and don’t waste your time for a star bunny

Nothing stops apocalypse (well, Survival does, but nothing in this strat will stop apocalypse). Your decoy pet must be in the backline, not in front, when apocalypse hits. The decoy simply protects that pet when forced to swap. The drake should be in front getting hit by apocalypse.

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Thank you!! This strat worked the very first time I tried it! Legend!


Stat works 100%!
Had to go get a new P/P Proto, as my P/S was just not doing it, but once I brought a P/P…it was one and done! Thanks so much!



I only got my invitation today, lol. Of course none of the strategies I could find worked, but yours did. The only thing I did differently is that I used an S/S raptor instead of the P/P; because it hit before the dragon, thus getting in an extra move (Leap) before dying (I couldn’t seem to crit with Hunting Party, but Leap got the dragon down to 211 and then I crit with Breath on my protowhelp on the 2nd try). After that it was just as you said (although I was biting my nails as I missed hitting Emerald Dream during one of the rotations). But it worked out.

Yay bunny! And thank you again! I’m going to go link this on Wowhead since all their strats are old.


I keep getting to Constellatius, but my Emerald Proto just can’t seem to stay alive :/… Idk what I’m doing wrong here. This battle is an absolute nightmare.

Edit - It was the P/P Emerald Proto. THIS IS A MUST. Got it today. Cheers!


Big thanks to @Meriweather for the strategy! There’s an even better pet for this strat: Barnaby to replace the Zantalari Kneebiter.

You can use Barnaby’s Roar of the Dead + Haymaker for a 50% shot at 2-rounding Comet. When I beat Algalon the Observer just now, Barnaby was even quite useful when fighting Cosmos: I was able to pull off a Roar of the Dead + Haymaker too! Not really necessary, but it sped up the fight.

I really adore the strat you came up with: such a brilliant use of the enemy’s Apocalypse.