Ahoy There! New Realm Mergers!

Let me be among the first to welcome the folks on Blackwater Raiders/Shadow Council to the combined servers, Cenarion Circle/Sisters of Elune!

As per this announcement:

To those of you who love to raid, we have raiders! To those of you who love to role play, we have several very welcoming and fun rp guilds on both sides. I am looking forward to making new friends. I hope all of you will be happy for a fuller AH, more choices for guilds, and lots more rp.

Our rp is usually scheduled by way of events. We welcome anyone who wishes to attend. Some of our events are actually cross-faction! We do this by way of the Elixir of Tongues, available in New Dalaran in the sewers.

We also have a discord where we coordinate events and reach out with silly comments, memes and role play via disocrd.


Can I be among the second? :smiley:

First thing I thought when I saw the merger announcement was that I already see a fair bit of y’all running around due to CRZ (I can’t count how many times I’ve seen the Stonefield and Maclure tag) so it’ll be nice to do more than just chat!

I’d love to learn more about this server- I see the forums aren’t very active, but forum users tend to be a low percentage of the population. For those of you who do read, any current information you can share would be appreciated! So far I’ve seen several recruitment posts, an Ironman challenge due to start (hope this server merge doesn’t mess with that!), and a few references to RP and social guilds.

Visit our forums if you’d like to learn some more about us:

Back when Cenarion Circles & Sisters of Elune merged, I was nervous about the whole thing but it’s turned out to be great and I’ve made friends who were from the other server. I’m hoping for the same this time around as well.

See you on the third!


Unleash the hounds! I mean the server mergers! I mean the…the…

I don’t know what I mean, mon. I’ve been up all night.

Anyway. Hello, Shadow Council and Blackwater Raiders! We’re just here from the RPer community from Sisters of Elune and Cenarion Circle, looking to welcome you to our little community and hoping to get acquainted with yours as the server merge a-cometh! We’ve had an RP community Discord up and running now for at least a year (probably more; that’s just about when I joined it though; the Cenarion Circle RP community itself dates back to vanilla at least) where a lot of our servers’ RPers hang out, plan events, advertise guilds, talk about lore, and what have you. That would be here: https://discord.gg/CS3mUun and where I’d send you if you’ve gotten this far into this thread and are interested in participating in RP!

Dat’s about it. Please wait at least 8 hours for normal cognitive functioning to return, if there was something else I supposed to say here. :sweat_smile: Other than welcome. Hi!


Greetings, players of Blackwater Raiders and Shadow Council!

Allow me to add my welcome to those above. :relaxed:

For those interested in learning more about the roleplaying community on Cenarion Circle and Sisters of Elune, in addition to the resources listed above, we have a couple of in-game events that you might find helpful! Our ‘Introduction to Roleplaying’ events are geared toward players getting started in RP and returning roleplayers looking to jump back into the community. They also serve as a way to network and meet other RPers in a laid-back, casual environment!

So stop on by to ask questions, learn more about the Cenarion Circle and Sisters of Elune roleplaying community, or just to say hello! We would love to meet you!

Horde event:

Alliance event:

I second Derscha in wanting to learn more about Blackwater Raiders/Shadow Council! Personally, I am mainly roleplay focused, so if there are RP events happening on your server, I would love to hear about them.

Look forward to meeting you all on the third!


Shadow Council… tis a silly place.

Oh, a few of us keep stories on this site: https://chardiary.com/


Hello! Thank you all so much for the warm welcome! It’ll be very nice to have a bigger RP community after the merge.


Hey I even made alts on BwR and SC. I am leveling a NE hunter on BwR for the Ironman challenge. She is Jazmarei, at 15 now and resting. I am waiting to hear from Mineva if I still have time to get in.

If not I have a Void Elf DK on Shadow Council. Any rp guilds out there recruiting?

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Thanks for sharing, Paynifier! It’s always fun to see what others have written. :relaxed:

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Look forward to meeting you both! (Erm…or rather my Alliance alts do.*)
*We do have a weekly cross-faction tavern, but Surinda doesn’t get out much ICly. :smile:

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Hey there Blackwater Raiders and Shadow Council! You all should know how much giddy, excited chatter is going on around our Discord and channels right now about meeting you all. I’m looking forward to it!



I mean. What had happened was, hello! Very glad to meet all of you. I was about to come say hello on your forum, and you beat me to it. But that’s okay! I shouldn’t be such a slacker. :stuck_out_tongue:
As the Guild Leader of Stonefield and Maclure, please allow me to speak on behalf of my guild members: We’re very glad to have the chance to get to know all of you in the coming weeks, months and years. We are all looking forward to having the chance to make new friends and allies for “Shadowlands,” and I feel as if that sentiment is echoed from everyone else here as well.
Should you need anything, or want to come hang out in advance of the second, please feel free to do so. I will encourage some of my guild members to make alts and do the same.

Esarus thar no Darador,


Thank God they’re merging us! I kept watching and hoping we would get picked this go-round for another merge. I’m not an RPer, but a raider, and the raiding scene has been anemic for too long. I eventually started raiding on a PvE server, but I still have my original group of toons on Shadow Council because it’s where I started out and RP servers definitely have the nicest atmospheres. It will be nice to share space with all of you nice people!


I agree completely with everything Aeterna says, but from the other side of the fence on the merger. I’ve been super casual for a handful of xpacs now and was thinking about sliding back into raiding, but didn’t want to leave the relative quiet and peaceful nature of CC to do so. Hopefully this merger proves to be of great benefit to everyone of all interests.


@Mineva, don’t you have a ‘horse pocket’?

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No, I’m a paladin. I wriggle my hands together and the Light grants me a glowing steed that I can charge about upon valiantly. This is, of course, in direct opposition to warlocks who just open a portal to Xoroth, grab a Fel or Dreadsteed by the mane and yank it through because who has time for anything else when there’s violence and oppression? I haven’t yet figured out how it works with Death Knights, though. Are the dead horse and gryphon corpses just… laying there on the ground?

(side note: I haven’t watched that series in years. I love it. :D)


You’re welcome with us until you find a home for the voidy if you haven’t already found one. :smiley:


Thanks so much for creating this thread :slight_smile:

Not to be that guy, but allow me to introduce myself. My name is Archangel, AKA Joyari, and I’d like to introduce Titans Judgment to the Alliance players of Cenarion Circle and Sisters of Elune. We are currently 11/12M, and have a well-rounded roster of PvP and M+ players as well. I’ve posted another thread on the Shadow Council/Blackwater Raiders forums with more specific details as to what we’re looking for both in terms of classes and player qualities, so please give it a look if you are an Alliance player looking to take your Raiding, Mythic+, or PvP gameplay to the next level :gift_heart:

Looking forward to meeting the Alliance of our new sister realms, and of course, planting flags in the bodies of more Hordies :cowboy_hat_face:


Archangel sells healing lessons for 100k per hour.

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Thanks to all who are so welcoming! I am thinking this will be great and we will all get along very well.

Just in case there are some rpers amongst you all, I am always open for rp, and the Stormwind Union, aka the Watch, is keeping an eye on you!

Seriously, I am not much of a raider, but I love rp. I am an altoholic and willing to help anyone trying to learn rp. It’s so much fun and adds immersion to your experience on WOW.

To Archangel: For the Alliance!


Honestly I’m on none of these servers but you guys make me want to be