[Events - RP] Intro To RP Schedule!

Okay all, here it is, the finished (but never final) schedule for the Wednesday evening “Introduction to RP” events! Feedback, criticism and additional ideas are always welcome.

Standing time for the ITRP Events is 5pm Server Time, and last one hour. In the interest of flexibility, static location events may begin as early as 4:00pm ST and run as late as 7:00pm ST.

First Wednesday of the Month: Trading Post with Misthaven Guild, location to be announced the Monday before, in Discord and in AOOC. Actual items are not necessary to bring, but always welcome!

Second Wednesday of the Month: Tea and Therapy, location to be announced the Monday before, in Discord and in AOOC. Come sit with Richard the Blind Worgen and let him soothe your stresses with lovely teas and sympathy.

Third Wednesday of the Month: B&B Cafe, at the Cask’n’Anvil in the center of Ironforge. Looking for additional , fuzzy waitstaff. Send a letter to Bremmin - Cenarion Circle. Come prepared for shenaniganary.

Fourth Wednesday of the Month: Bring out yer Guilds! This evening is dedicated to showcasing the RPing Guilds present on CC-SoE. If you think your guild is great and want to share it, come out and say so! Or maybe you have a character who needs a guild, and you’re just stumped with the Guild Finder. Come out and poke around until you find the right place for your character! To be held at Olivia’s Pond, by the Embassy, in Stormwind.

Fifth Wednesday of the Month: The rare occurrence of the 5th Wednesday means it’s the Player’s Choice. We can repeat an event, or do something new. Bring your ideas! The last Wednesday of December will feature a New Year’s party, location to be determined.

I’d like to add here, that if anyone would like to lend a helping hand in this matter, please contact me. I’d also love to get more involved with our Horde side players, having never played on H-side on CC or SoE.

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Hello, everyone! I would just like to announce that there is now an Introduction to Roleplaying event for Horde players as well! You can check out the details at the link below.

We are excited for the opportunity to collaborate and expand this event across both factions. Thanks again to Ketyru for organizing the original event concept!