[A][Heavy RP] The Stormwind Guard Needs You!

Fliers have begun circulating around the streets of Stormwind City, posted along the town and handed out by few men and women in uniform of the Stormwind Guard

“Attention citizen! The Stormwind Guard is recruiting and asks that all men and women of able body and sound mind apply! The streets of our fair city have become dangerous and unmanned! Our current numbers are spread thin and we need fresh blood to help keep order and protect our beloved home from the inside! Inquire at Old Town’s Command Center, or seek Captain Marcus Wester for details and application!”

The Stormwind Guard is a Heavy RP guild forming on Grobbulus with the goal to create a living atmosphere in the city of Stormwind! No longer will you have to deal with unresponsive and clumsy NPC guards being your first line of defense! We’ll have dedicated roleplayers on patrol to act out what the guard should be!

– RP –
As stated, we are a heavy RP guild and will function as such, our main goal is to be acting out the role of the Stormwind Guard for the people of the city. We’ll have members assigned to patrolling the streets on the look out for any troublemakers, and offer assistance to citizens in need! Feel free to reach out to one of our members on duty if you need help during your roleplay, general directions and city questions, or to report any incident with Horde sightings in our great city!

– PvP –
While not a lot of PvP happens directly in cities, there’s always the risk of Horde raids or other trouble to look out for! Our members will ensure that the city is safe and gank free on the regular basis, able to respond to any reported attacks!

Other than action in the city, organized group PvP and wPvP is on the table for those interested. We can have squadrons assembled and sent out to keep the Alliance peace, possibly even in uniform!

– PvE –
While there are no plans to raid as a whole guild, many of our members play the game beyond just RP, and we’ll have groups and people ready to dungeon delve and help new members level up in order to wear our uniform! If able and ample members are ready, we can look into a guild alliance with some raid team in order to ensure our members get a frequent chance at clearing raid content!

– Interested? –

Join our Discord @ discord .gg/4wBV77G or seek out Marcus in game for more details! As of 3/27/20 the guild is still in charter form and looking for all interested parties! Please inquire with any questions, and we look forward to serving with you!


Just a quick bump here to inform everyone that the guild is out of charter! We formed up back on Saturday the 28th, and so far so good. Recruitment is going somewhat steady now and I’ve gotten a lot of whispers wishing us well and offering support.

Thanks to the community for showing interest and I hope we can live up to everyone’s expectations!

Quick bump and update!

The guild has been up for a week now, roster is a healthy size for a primarily RP focused guild, and everybody is (to my knowledge) having a good time! We have a handful of members with full uniform who have been hitting the streets and getting great response.

If you’ve ever been interested in pursuing a career as a guard for the city of Stormwind, now’s your time to act!

Another update bump,

The guild is still growing and we’ve got some officer positions filled. Lot of events happening within the city of Stormwind that we’re getting involved in, so stuff is really exciting right now!

It’s a perfect time to join the Stormwind Guard, so reach out to myself, Arlorn or Kurthnell in game for more details!

Things have been a little quiet due to many real life happenings for myself and a few other members, but we’re still here and going strong!

We’re starting to settle into a rhythm and have two weekly events set up already as a guild, and we actively try to participate in the weekly tavern events hosted on the server as well!

Say hello to any of the guards you see on patrol within Stormwind, and check out the awesome article recently published about us in the Grobbulus Times!

https:// grobbulustimes .com/

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How many do you have?

We have about 30 or so unique players on roster, with some alts thrown in as well. I’d say about half that are on daily, or every other day. The other half haven’t been on in closing in on 4 to 7 days or so.

Still recruiting and having a good time! We just participated in our first real joint RP event as we provided security to maintain order during a search warrant!

Looking to fill some newly opened officer positions as well, so if you were ever interested in being in a guard guild and like being in a position of leadership, now’s your chance!

Just bumping the post here. Things have slowed down considerably for the Guard, and membership has declined greatly.

However, our core remains strong and hopeful, and we’re still actively recruiting. If interested, now’s a good time to join as we go through a small transformation period!