Again bad class design

As raid testing is progressing in DF beta, groups are full of hunters, in specific BM hunters. No MM hunters no SV hunter , no! Just straight up BM hunters, which brings the question again “Do devs know there are 3 specs in hunter class?”

They gave BM full mobility something no other class has. It’s time that cobra shot gets it cast time back, and barbed shot can only have 1 stack of frenzy.

You have full mobility you don’t need best damage in game. I always expect MM to have best single target damage, SV best AOE and to be decent in both. Devs took away strength from both specs and gave it to BM.


Has nothing to do with class design, and everything with BM hunters being bugged and doing double the damage of the next class.

Well their “bug” is going live in pre patch as well in DF. They “fixed” the issues other classes had. They “tuned” other classes with -35% damage (some classes) , but in their eyes BM is in good state.

Are you head dev at blizzard that you know this ?

They just started tuning process, they didn’t even tune all of the classes, again, can you tell me lottery picks from 3 weeks in the future, since you know it so well.

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Because BM already had hotfix that fixed the bugs. The only issues right now it’s high damage and 100% mobility. One of these two things has to go

None of the bugs that are breaking it’s damage got fixed. You are literally spreading fake news.


Beast Mastery

  • Fixed issue where Beast Cleave Rank 2 was only using the 35% damage value from Rank 1.
  • Fixed issue where Stomp Rank 1 and 2 were dealing the same damage values and the Rank 2 tooltip didn’t update.
  • Stomps’ tooltip damage value is now more accurate and Animal Companion directly changes its tooltip damage now.
  • Aspect of the Wild’s initial and extra Cobra Shots now properly work with the Cobra Sting, Cobra Senses, and Killer Cobra talents.

And blizzard stated they will work on classes and talents as the expansion go, right now that is not their priority

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DBL damage haha in a hunters dream

"BM PSA: Call of the Wild and Wild Insticts have significant bugs causing your Barbed Shot generation to be way higher than it’s supposed to be (Yes outside of cooldowns too). For a more realistic view of how your Barbed Shot generation will look like, try playing without those two talents. Checked the pinned sheet for more details regarding these bugs.

Additionally, Beast Cleave also has a positive bug that causes it to also do way more than it’s supposed to. Kill Command is contributing to Beast Cleave twice (both with regular Beast Cleave and with Kill Cleave), effectively meaning it’s cleaving for 125%. Stomp is also cleaving with Beast Cleave. "

Both are bugs that are not fixed and drastically inflate the damage.

You clearly haven’t done any beta testing.

complaints about the lowest dps for 4 expansions doing damage on a Beta real smart


Because it’s due to bugs, they will get eventually tuned and the damage will fall. So it’s important to complain about bugs quickly nuff so that there’s time to do testing after they do get fixed.

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LOL what a troll. Damage is due to bug just like ret pally. They are getting fixed. Want to blame someone then blame blizzard.

They good a perfectly fine SV range spec turn into a melee spec and give them some 2nd handed talents and abilities from other spec that sucked, give it a new name and call it a day. SV have been terrible dps and uilities wise. It was only in S4 when their damage got buff up by borrowed powers (lego and the 4p tier). Without any of that SV will fall to the button. Again bad class design.

Then you have MM again with the 4p tier and the lego you are literally just standing still firing 2 abilities and sometimes the odd time you need an extra 1 to 2 abilities.

The spec in its core is the issue and that is something blizzard miss the mark again. They will most likely add some bandaid fix ie borrow powers again.


I fully agree! :+1:

And who do you think I’m blaming? Pre patch is in 2 weeks let’s see if any updates will come, and class tunings.

There you go I fixed it for you :grin::grin::grin:



This is a good way to suck the fun out of the spec. though. Why would you want to do that? Some weird sense of what’s “fair”?

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I think our greatest concern is they will “tune” us with the bugs in place and then later fix the bugs making our damage a limp noodle and it will take the entire expansion to become a moderate dps spec.

Let them fix the known bugs and then complain. It’s not as if we the hunters did this AND we have pointed out the bugs many times to be fixed. This is not our first rodeo.


Don’t worry, BM will be nerfed into the ground again like it was for SL. Like others have said, there are bugs that they haven’t fixed yet, so it’s too early to tell. Pallies and I think warriors just got nerfed, so BM is probably next. I just want them to fix the bugs before they start tuning.

I guess we’ll get to see lots of bug fixes within the next 2 weeks

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Or they will have no time to fix any of it(you can clearly tell they rush the talent trees as some spec is unfinished) and there will be many bugs when DF goes live.

Wish blizzard would sallow their pride and push the new expansion back. I think most players would rather launch the game when it is finish with little bugs and alos better talent trees and tuning. Rather blizzard just want more money so they push a rush product that is barely functioning.

Remember guys when SL was push the raid for the boss aren’t even finish and devs even admitted they push the stone legion fight out fully knowing there are still tons of bugs. We aren’t talking about bugs they aren’t aware off we are talking about bugs the dev fully know and have no time to fix it before raid launch.