After hitting 2.5K M+ rating today

No it’s necessary. Did you know the last prot warrior nerf was rationalized based off community perception? Not numbers, the community. Now it’s “fine” but basically no one in the top is playing it now. See how I did that without talking about anything specific but warrior?

Which they could state without dragging specific specs that have nothing to do with monk performance through the mud.

Not on this topic, no.


You were attacking someone with no reason. Is that poster the reason for the subject you are kvetching about? No. Why not try and go to the source of the damned problem. Go pester the devs.

You are the donkey here.


I hope you don’t mean WW lol

This is a problem with you then. Monks are nowhere near as bad as you’re making them out to be. There are 91 ww’s in title range (In US region) which is way better than a lot of specs. That’s more than arms and fury combined, Devastation Evokers have only 12 in that range, Unholy has like 40. Sub rogue has like 442 in title range idk why you don’t complain about that class. Rets have 130.

Anyway, I’ve been with plenty of ww’s that did really good damage and it doesn’t seem to me like they’re struggling to get a 20 done.

I will say that I think ret is a really well designed spec that is easy to pick up and do decent with and ww is harder to just go into a dungeon and play at a decent level. As for the skill cap I really have no idea. I don’t main either spec but I have been enjoying ret and I think it’s a lot of fun.


brew is decent, sounds like a play issue

Everyone knew this. Well, everyone who plays this game a lot atleast. Which would not be the dev’s. xD

There is a reason, you don’t feel it’s warranted. That’s your opinion and I disagree with it. The devs get info fed to them from community managers who do read these.

His post is “about” monk but pulled in paladin as collateral damage, intentional or not. Whether you realize that or not I don’t care, but I’m going to correct people every time I see it until we have adequate season 2 data to review, especially without the 10.0.7 rings.


Attacking someone on the forums is warranted?

OK, buddy.

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Attacking the content they’ve posted, yes. Should I say you’re attacking me? I could, but that’d be ridiculous too.

I’m not your buddy, guy.


That was not how your post came across, now was it? Somebody telling you to chill out, and maybe just go after the people to really blame, is not attacking.

But you do you, cupcake.

we’re in big trouble next season :persevere:

Idk there’s people liking my post so maybe, maybe not. How you interact with what I write is in part up to you.

They are to blame. The devs make changes based on the community. If you read my other posts you’d know I referenced them nerfing prot warrior based on community perception. Is OP part of the community or not?

I will thanks.

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The thread is about tanks.

Did you not read?

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Because everyone wakes up every morning thinking, “I don’t feel like playing anything special or good, really, just something decent will do.”



if your goal is 2.5k? yes, absolutely. i got there on my brew months ago before swapping to mw, and i’m terrible. there is no tank spec in the game that isn’t perfectly capable of getting to KSH, or 3k for that matter.


Imo, Whirlwind Monks are decent. I rarely see a Monk Tank so i cant comment on that. Ret and Prot Paly’s are quite OP right now.

Whatever. If you’re struggling to do a 20 on any tank it’s a player issue. Even guardian can easily tank 20s. I could understand if it was s1 of SL or something but tanks are mega strong right now.

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It’s also many times easier to do on a Warrior or Paladin or even DK tank than something like a Monk or (god forbid) Druid tank.

That’s what people always skip over, and come out with this nonsense “but anybody could do it if you work 20 times harder” crap.

People need to stop making excuses for Blizzard’s incapability to design and balance classes effectively.

And before people harp on the balance part - which is what people always do, because the keying up to type “the game will never be perfectly balanced” excuse is already happening as people read this - the design part is important as well. Bear tanks are at the bottom of a stinking latrine in terms of simple class design, and have been since they were gutted at the end of Legion. And the 10.0.5 “rework” made them worse.

But people always give Blizzard a break and write it off, saying “er uh duh well a bear tank COULD hit 3k so it’s fine”.

Give me a break.


Don’t agree with the TW bit. Fist weaver is nutty and I can do some pulls on my own with CDs up.

As for running keys, healing feels fine in the mid teens at 398 ilvl, I can only imagine that a 410-415 mist weaver main can dunk on 20s with a competent group.

Haven’t touched brew.

My warrior is 2340 and there is a noticeable difference in how well I perform when my group is interacting with mechanics. A good brew, backed by a good group, will be plenty effective in the content most people run. Mechanics trump most class kits honestly. It’s just that warriors and paladins can recover better from botched mechanics because they have substantial self heals and long periods of mitigation.

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What? You need something to compare for a reference. If they came in and said “Brew is bad and I have trouble getting to 2.5 K on mine” the response would be “bad compared to what?”

If Blizz is going to nerf Prot Pally’s they’re going to do it or not based on their internal numbers. The same goes for buffing the weaker Tanks as an alternative or meeting in the middle. Random GD threads aren’t going to move the needle as much as you believe.

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