After hitting 2.5K M+ rating today

I can say without hesitation, monks are just not up to the standard of the better classes.

On my monk, at a higher iLVL, and still at a higher iLVL, I struggled to time keys under 20. Last week I decided for the first time to take my 405 paladin into M20 keys with my guild, no issue, timed all the M20 we went into and missed only an M21 Nok.

Today I went and done some pug runs, M14-17 range just to cap off my KSH, it was so much easier as both tank and DPS. I was staying alive far easier, I was doing more damage as both tank and DPS, sure paladin might be OP, but monks are just not there.

Even running TW content, warrior and paladin tanks are so much better, can double pull what my monk can and not even break a sweat. They really need to balance out this game more, forget DPS, what about tanks and healers?


It all could be more evenly balanced but with as often as things change and how classes scale differently I think expecting perfection is way too much. This also sounds like a problem that mostly becomes noticeable at elite levels of play. Can’t say I even notice what the tank is in TW unless it’s a BDK and I’m healing.

BDK’s are frustrating for me as a healer because it feels like they just don’t need me until that unpredictable moment when they are out of CD’s and immediately need me.

You get used to DK’s when you play with them enough, and when you get tanks who pull huge in TW you notice the difference in tanks for sure. Being someone who mains as a tank I can say it’s very noticeable once you hit around the M15 level in how much better some are and by how big you can pull in TW and low level content.

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Glad to see another pathetic “pally op zug zug” thread. I look forward to the next nerf that literally ruins its gameplay because people are stupid af.


No it’s more of a "Monk is garbage’ thread and a “Let’s balance tanks and healers more” thread.

Anyone with half a brain knows paladins and warriors are the better tanks now, it’s a no brainer, but why is it always with you lot to complain about the possible nerfs to stronger classes? Why can’t you lot start asking for other classes to be made stronger?


With ya here for sure. Balance should more often come from the bottom up and not always from the top down.


I also hit 2500 on my monk, but I never felt me being a monk held us back. I’m always competitive in DPS in my groups, and I usually beat the ret paladin I run with.

Tanking is another story, but I will say that Brewmaster is much stronger now than at the beginning of the season.


Many WW I see only tell of how bad they are or how “I beat those I play with”. I will be honest and say just because you can beat those you play with it does not mean the class you play is good.

I have far less experience playing paladin than monk, but so far have achieved more in the last couple of weeks on my paladin than I did all season on my monk. Maybe I am bad at monk, maybe I am just better at paladin, or maybe paladin is just a better class overall.

Numbers don’t lie either, there are for more paladins performing in higher keys than monks, and you no doubt know of the DPS struggles WW has in raid.

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I do very decent damage with my windwalker monk, but I’ve been sticking to lower keys so it could be because tank pull more, I dunno. I still feel competitive when I look at meters and I have good group utilities like ring, paralyze, etc. Also mystic touch is a huge bonus.

From my experience (Not that I have played my paladin in higher keys), Paladins are easier to play, have less setup time, and have strong DPS…which does make them a better class.

This is also not surprising as Monk is one of the least-played classes in the game.

You’re not wrong. But, I don’t really care how good my class is in the big picture of things. I care that I am contributing to my group and helping us win…so if I am competitive or winning on the DPS charts and doing mechanics properly, that’s good enough for me.

With that being said, I would never complain about getting some buffs.


Try playing at higher keys and in mythic raids, you will see the difference.

Someone in my guild is currently a whisper from 3K on their monk, during BFA they were a top 150 rated tank in the game on the IO site using a DK, and that compares all game regions, not just NA. They played all SL as a monk and S1 in DF as a monk, in the last couple of weeks we have been gearing up their DK for S2.

At the start of the season monks were strong, but in high levels of play they just feel weaker.

And you need to ask why monks are one of the least played classes.

Then maybe make it about monk and not about pally.

I do all the time actually. It’s not my lot. I’m not the one here calling a class OP, you are.

I’m very much of the party trying to kill the pyrrhic mindset players have that always say it’s easier to nerf the “outlier” than buff the rest. They don’t realize what almost always happens without fail is the end result is the spec ends up clunky and people are rerolling because the FUN has been killed.

PSA: Asking to nerf something good is the equivalent to asking them to ruin the spec. They can’t be trusted to just do % sliders or not to completely kill talents.

Talk about the spec you want made better, leave the good ones out of your mouth.


Monk’s have a solid kit, it’s just not numerically correct right now. A slight alteration would probably spike them to the top. Sounds like a rework is in order.

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Oh you mean how I mentioned monk in the first line?


And this is what happens when you get FoTM rerollers. Their numbers spike. Where were these numbers 2 months ago?


One line about monk and 19 about Paladin does not make it a monk thread


Monk bad these OP, me zug. Balance balance.

You might as well be applying the spec altering nerfs yourself.

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They’d spike less if people actually focused on fixing the issues rather than gutting good specs but here we are.

It’s just like people who hate M+ focus all their energy on trying to bend and change M+ to what they want it instead of like idk just asking for more dungeon modes. It’s comical and infuriating at the same time.

No. When there’s a ranking system (and there always is), people gravity towards the top of that list. Every class could be within .5% of each other and you’d still see a spike in the top of the pecking order because “so and so said this class is the best”.


Dude you came off with an unnecessary attitude. It’s pretty obvious what OP meant, and to anyone who has run the key levels they are talking about.

Like, chill out, aye?