After hitting 2.5K M+ rating today

Population = Numbers.
At a certain point those numbers skew perception in the community. The nerfs to Prot weren’t because of a rando GD post.

I get it. You think Prot Pally is some kind of secret to keep from Blizz and the OP has ruined that and now they’ll be nerfed. That ain’t how this works.

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Whoosh. Let me help.

Not a number.

No, I am protecting against this.


Perception created by the numbers. How about you quote the rest of the Blue post?

If all players see are Prot Warriors they start rolling Prot over other specs and it snowballs from there.

Blizz doesn’t need you to protect against anything. They will or won’t nerf things based on their own data.

The playstyle for Prot is set. They were lucky to get a full rework in the middle of the expansion which never happens so none of that will change. It will be numbers tuning so if you really just care about the gameplay there’s no reason to worry but we all know that’s not what you this is about.

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Needed to help you zero in on the issue. They had already recently nerfed prot warrior. It was still dominating numbers. Did they expect everyone to reroll? It was still strong, why swap? So what happens? People perceive it to be too strong still, and you get a nerf based off what people think and not what is reality.

Great, balance doesn’t go hand in hand with perception, or rather it shouldn’t. idc what people play, balance it and play what you want. If everyone likes a spec, maybe make the others more fun? How bout that?

And player perception, which isn’t in alignment with reality.

If actual numbers support it and not a sensationalist mob’s perception of it, sure. You can boil the number of people’s perception to a number, but you’re just creating data to lie.

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They simultaneously nerfed every other tank twice as much as they nerfed Prot Warrior.

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The global nerf? Yeah and that was still stupid, but just my opinion. Another thing born out of players crying tanks being too strong. I’ve never seen more tanks randomly fall over dead in recent history. Thanks people.

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You need to get over this perception thing. Community perception comes out of numbers and that’s all anyone cares about. Do you hear anyone talking about any Mage spec right now? I didn’t think so.

Survival was low on the charts at the start of Shadowlands and thus the perception was they were bad. Then they got an OP set Bonus and some Buffs and they were topping the charts and the perception was they were great.

LOL bro if you didn’t feel deep down that Prot Pally was busted you wouldn’t be here sweating a random thread on GD.

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Congratulations on 2.5k, welcome to the club. However, you have to keep in mind you’re playing at the very end of the season where the players are typically playing the dungeons better, the content has been nerfed several times, and to top it off the absolutely broken Onyx Annulet is in the game and most classes are using it.

You also have very limited tank experience. You only played Prot at a 1.5k IO level and your best key is a 16 Algethar Academy. If you were having trouble tanking with your BRM in the ranges of keys you’ve been doing, you probably just were not playing it very well


Yeah. They are head and shoulders above everyone else.

Then BDK, Monk Mae up the aristocracy.

Veng DH holding down the merchant class.

Guardians are straight up peasants. Begging for buffs since shadowlands beta and our one update in Tuesday is:


Monks are gods of taking really big hits, but lots of little ones make them cry. I wouldn’t call them garbage though with the state bears are in. I’m still managing with my monk but my friend just straight quit playing his bear.

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k nerf it, enjoy trying to find tanks all season.

Tanks were paper in 9.0 and you could never find one and the kite meta was just so so fun. I look forward to it, cause shadowlands was such a smashing hit.

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I was deciding back in SL who I was going to play this expansion, couldn’t decide on paladin or monk, but ultimately went with monk. At the time those two were my least played classes.

After getting KSM and AOTC on my monk and trying mythic raiding I seen the writing on the wall, before ret paladin was announced to even having a rework, I was basing my decision on what I info I had before me on paladins before any changes were announced.

I was saying before I decided to swap to paladin that monks needed help, but knowing Blizzard historically they don’t do anything major with any class mid season, but I was wrong this time, they changed paladin in my favour, however they didn’t really change prot all that much it was more a ret rework than anything.

I was one of the few who changed before the rework and done so planning to tank, not just because ret was OP, and didn’t even get into high end content until after the nerfs took place.

And STILl I am asking for monks to be given some help. As much as people want to say "Oh yeh you are bad at monk, I got 3K on my monk, it doesn’t mean monk still isn’t bad in comparison, only 3.1% of the top 1000 rated tanks are monks, if monks were good, that number would be much higher.

Stats don’t lie, at M15 and up BRM are the least played tank, by a fair margin. Only when you hit M20 and up do you see guardian being played less.2

Even so, if you want to look at the numbers you will see overall across every spec and class only frost DK, arcane and assass are featured less than WW. When you look at just DPS only dragons and DK are featured less.

And this is a flow on effect from early when WW was strong, there were far more WW than there is now, back before players were trying to min/max and find that little bit extra.

Just because there is a small percentage of players who can do something in a premade group, in the right week, in the right dungeons, it does not take away the fact that some specs and classes are far, far stronger than others or that the weaker ones don’t need help.

Not according to those 3K IO BRM players, according to them it’s a skill issue. Maybe they should take their head out of the sand and take note of just how much better some other classes and specs are.

After hitting 2.5k M+ rating 4 months ago, I can say that the monk in my guild is better than all of us.

Yeah they need to buff tanks, some more than others, and then revert the stupid nerfs they made across the board to all tanks. These dudes are out here dying way too often now, and it’s only going to get worse with their 25% change. Tanks can be immortal for all I care, and I wouldn’t say a single one of them is OP for the content right now.

I think you are incorrect here to immediately assume there is no problem with ret. Well if it’s not ret that is the problem it’s literally every other class in the game. I did an AA on my main ENH Shaman I did 105k overall I’ve spent two months grinding out everyday almost 14 hours a day doing keys. I get beaten in DPS by someone who rerolled ret paladin the day before, bought a heroic raid boost, and joined my key. They were 406 ilvl and did 115k dps overall. It’s just a reminder to me that it’s all just random numbers that don’t mean anything.

If you did it with an Unholy DK you’d have gotten cooked even worse. Should UH be nerfed? Would be laughable. Some specs thrive in there more than others.

I don’t assume one way or another. We need a few weeks into S2 and the rings to go away first.

Should enhance be nerfed? The top Enhance in the world is 136 M+ rating ahead of the top Ret in the world, who is always the top Ret in the world. Still. Today.

There. Your argument is dead. Nerf Enhance. See, sounds dumb huh?

You could for sure nerf enhance and I wouldn’t be surprised, same as prot paladin, same as sub rogue, same as demo lock. Yes 100% they are OP. The difference though is you don’t have 390 enhance shamans joining +20 keys and doing 100k overall.

I have played with many UH dk’s in AA that have beaten me in DPS and that I have also beaten in DPS. It’s not just AA it’s every single dungeon.

I played Guardian for the entire SL, played some alts here and there, and never once did I feel like I do now with BRM. Granted I never hit 2.5K IO but I never wanted to, I never planned to now either but seeing how much stronger paladin is compared to monk I thought I would give it a go.

I have a monk in my guild at 3K IO, dude is still swapping out from monk for next season. Just because someone has the skill to do something with the right premade group doesn’t mean there are not any issues.

So you want to nerf Ret even tho it’s blatantly evident they won’t scale as fast as other specs?

Based on what? What though? Other Specs? “It’s easier to nerf the outlier!”

You mean it’s easier to ruin a spec than fix the others. Whether you believe it or not.

The top Demo in the world is like 3340 M+ rated, yet you wanna nerf it. Nerf it how, where, what talents, what %? How’s it going to play in S2? Are there known bugs? What are they? How are they impacting performance?

Hey let’s nerf Survival, it’s OP guys, their top player is 3357. It’s super OP apparently compared to ??? idk something. Whatever I’ve decided to perceive it’s OP compared to Demo cause stats don’t lie.