After Classic Phases/Classic +

I know this is a topic often brought to this community.

But I’d be willing to pay for classic + content. I literally just purchased BFA And continue to subscribe to wow to give blizzard money for Classic wow being a experience.

However I am not a fan of retail. I’d love to see classic wow expand after its phases into a classic + with new content or old content that is implemented like “azshara crater“

This is a chance for us to have the game done correct WITH NO PANDAS!

The pandas ruined wow.


no we want classic tbc classic + would take work and why put effort in if you can make millions by just releasing classic tbc?

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Blood elves, and space goats ruined it first. But yeah, pandas gotta go too. Plus get rid of the foxes and dogs.


thats when they will release tbc pal. theres your classic+

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Wait…you mean…like an expansion?

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Say I want. Not we. Your are one person but maybe have multiple personalities . That’s your issue.


no one cares for classic + and it wont happen we will get classic tbc servers with a drop down tab like classic wow.

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I care bam so that’s one.


I care about classic not tbc. You can look at achievement yea that’s hand of Adal.

Yea I did tbc it was ok. Classic in my opinion is better.


I am willing to quit if WOW Classic stops being WOW Classic.

WOW Classic is close enough to vanilla WOW (so far) to be the only game from Blizzard I want to play. Each little non-vanilla change makes me edgy.

Example: I don’t even BG at all. I understand the problem. But the solution is a non-vanilla change, instead of a clear policy and GM actions. Blizzard basically took the lazy way that reduces ticket load rather than the vanilla way. (Which, by the way, doesn’t even speak well for the quality you’d get of Plusser content if Blizzard went against everyone who wanted WOW Classic to stay WOW Classic.)


Classic isn’t supposed to be an alternate timeline. It’s supposed to be a recreation.

What you’re asking for is a different game entirely. It’s not in the spirit of Classic. It’s inconsistent with what the community originally asked for. It’s simply not Classic.

It’s a hard no. Ask for WoW 2 if you want another game.

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TBC is best wow. Rather TBC than an alternate timeline and more crap to wade through at 60. There’s a reason it was released when it was and vanilla wasn’t just continued.

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Pandas could have been done right. But it was horrificly botched. Dranei and blood elves were just wierd and hard to get excited about but the tbc content and amazing looking gear sets trumped that.

some of the best armor transmogs in the entire game (in retail) come from tbc. however, the leveling clown suits you wear until you get to that point. 0.o


And, as at least one other person has said, I would immediately cancel my subscription if they introduced “Classic+” new content.

If I wanted to be playing Blizzard’s wonderful new content, I’d be doing so.

There will not be a classic+. If anything they will release TBC Classic.

If classic has been any indication, they do not have the resources to create new content. A major bug has been released in every single patch so far since launch and fixes have been fairly slow.

No point in them using what little resources they have for a possible success with Classic+ when they can go the safe profitable route of providing TBC Classic.


I did, I asked for classic +

A game done correctly. I don’t want TBC I don’t want space goats. I want wow. Before it went the suit direction. And I’m willing to pay for it, and others are too.

I want tbc.


@people calling for tbc servers on top of classic ones.

Either progress naturally to TBC, or not at all. You calling for another split in the community dont get having modern wow, classic AND TBC is going to leave a lot of servers pretty empty.

Not to mention the drama if people dont get the names they had in classic…

Not all of us want TBC, the beginning of the end.