Affliction spec bonuses

I disagree. Talent diversity this tier compared to the last 2 is higher. The class trinket from last tier restricted builds way more.

I will absolutely push back on that. We have a couple builds; but that’s due to fight design moreso than anything else. You would see even more pop up without the current tier. Things like HS+DT and either no Darkglare or SR are impossible to play right now, and they were actually played in S1 of Dragonflight alongside the 2x malevolent visionary + SR builds.
Why do you think talent diversity is higher this tier? Almost every Mythic kill is running the exact same talents as each other because the wiggle room is non-existent. You can’t run Haunted Soul in almost any circumstance. Every fight is DT, Crescendo, 1x Haunt, 1x Darkglare, 2x SEG. Certain fights you can almost get away with running Dark Harvest, but I would almost guarantee Dark Harvest would be even better to run in those circumstances using the Season 1 tier set versus the Season 3, due to the multiplicative haste scaling and the haste procs from the tier. This would result in a lot of procs and a lot of empowered Raptures/Seeds – more than the S3 if you’re getting the full 20% haste buff and getting some overlap with tier.

Season 1 we did not play soul rot in most scenarios.

How can you claim to be a CE raider and spew nonsense like this? 2 seconds looking at logs proves this wrong.

Once again just flat out wrong.

In 10.0, in all single target scenarios Haunted Soul was played over Soul Rot. (Terros, Sennarth, Dathea, Kurog, even Raszageth). In 10.0.7, like you linked, Soul Rot started seeing more play but a decent amount of HS was still played.

As for the “nonsense” part of your comment–
Igira – 71% playing Dark Harvest over Darkglare
Volcoross - 100% usage of the same bottom tier talents, absolutely no variation
Larodar – 82.6% taking darkglare, 20% playing Dark Harvest instead
Nymue – 100% usage of the same bottom tier talents, absolutely no variation
Smolderon – 100% usage of the same bottom tier talents, absolutely no variation

And you’re saying I don’t know how to look at logs? Do you even raid as Aff? How about you link your experience instead of talking like you know everything, especially when you’re clearly wrong.


There is literally people running Soul Rot on every single one of those bosses in 10.0 literally proves nothing.

The reason I went with 10.0.7 logs is because the spec got some major updates to talents so pretending like us going back to using the S1 set means we will all go back to using DT+HS on almost every boss is laughable.

Haunted Soul is a horrendous talent that makes us take a completely useless one to get. It can stay unused until Blizzard wakes up.

Soul rot gained mastery scaling, which it didn’t have in season 1. So it may be the play now even if we were using S1 tier again. The buffs to SEG and DH would only push it further that way.

HS has an uphill battle as long as seized vitality is so terrible, unfortunately.

It’s not higher, at all.

Haunted Soul row was played in both S1 and S2, it’s not in S3 even for raiding. In keys you could choose between Haunted Soul row and Soul Rot row, Darkglare row, etc. Again, not in this season, there is no choice because the only choice is “do I want to have my tier set or not?” And that ain’t even a choice, either.

You played it in most scenarios in raiding, yes.

What about it is horrendous outside of it making you take a useless talent?

Wish blizzard would completely disable notifications to threads from people you have blocked.

Phoenickz you chat bot I ain’t reading your post.

Even with Soul Rot being more played, I still believe the S1 tier set would likely be better that the S3 in at least some scenarios. A haste buff plus the recent-ish buff to Dark Harvest, plus the multiplicative scaling and higher haste values in general that we have now would equal crazy haste amps and a lot of the tier procs in conjunction with this, which could result in more buffed Seeds than the 3 guaranteed we get currently.

You’re not getting S1 with the current votes get over it.

Also Season 1 tier set was bugged the entire season with SoC and you are delusional if you think its getting fixed now.

Thanks for providing literally nothing all conversation. I’m fine with s3 winning, it’s a fine set, I just laid out the reasons I thought s1 would be a more interesting pick.
Also you need to stop pretending like you understand the spec when you say stuff like “Season 1 tier set was bugged the entire season” — yeah it was, but season 3 literally had the same bug and it WAS fixed. It’s not crazy to think it would be fixed especially considering that plus the fact they said they would do tuning.

Doesn’t matter because we aint getting season 1. Keep crying. No one wants to play your beyond boring and bad tier set that is bugged. Season 3 was not bugged in the same way.

You’ve added zero value to this thread other than lying about soul rot NEVER being used in s1 and certain talent combos being “impossible” to play when you can find said combos in logs out performing your parses lmao.

Maybe choose the correct words before fabricating dumb arguments.

Your reading comprehension is terrible. Go back to school.
I said Soul Rot wasn’t played in most scenarios in S1 which, as I showed, was objectively true in 10.0. It was almost all Haunted Soul/DT. Disagree if you want to be wrong. Things did shift to SR being played but I literally never said it was never played, in fact I said it was played alongside some 2x MV and SR builds.
And again, no one is crying here but you. I’m okay with S3, I just laid out why I thought S1 would be an interesting choice and was hoping for some interesting discussion, but instead all I got was you trolling with poor reading comprehension and an even poorer understanding of the spec.

If I am trolling the why are you continuing to reply???

Your reading comprehension is atrocious. Repeating the same thing over and over again doesn’t make it

Edit: No one here has ever wanted real discussion that is your mistake. All a majority of the aff post here is just people mindlessly complaining about MR when in fact it saved the spec from being nerfed into oblivion every patch.

Notice how they waited for us to vote on this before they decided to nerf Soul Rot?

Its like, ok, that’s what they like? Lets make it less viable. It almost seems intentional.


Yeah that’s beyond messed up