Aff lock is not ok

I really hope they dont take 2 long to nerf it or this season is gonna SUCK


I might unsub honestly least fun i’ve ever had in this game. Queue nonstop into aff lock


Not for hunters :muscle:


I blame the math departmen at blizzard HQ for this. Shame


Only thing they needed to change was the UA not being able to crit, and the small damage buff to compensate.

Every other buff to their damage was 100% not needed.


I like when non crit ua dispel hits for 33k lmao


Yeah I mean… that’s still 1/3 of a healers’ hp or more, on top of the silence. Super overkill already for an ability that is spammable as is.


Yeah my control of lava crit for 26k same time locks ua dispel non crit for 33k so about 60k dispel.

Killed the healer on accident


i hit a 54k one earlier today; }/


they’re all non crits now

That’s one of the issues, is folks get all triggered about a spec or changes to how they operated and now we have “fake news/rumors” being spread all over the place.

While I could actually care less if they nerfed the lock it’s just kind of nice that we are not talking about rogues or other broken specs for a change.

Let’s hope they don’t nerf it so it’s not even an option.

Yeah meant to say non crit but the 33k messed with my mind

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Why’re you guys not okay with AFF DPS, but you’re okay with 40K chaos bolts? Serious question not trying to troll


I’ll say also I don’t think the buffs to aff locks (essentially) full kit, the UA change was the only needed one. But tyrant still hits for anywhere from 12K-20K on a 1.4 sec cast in obelisk, and and dest (I don’t play demo or aff myself) is still hitting 40k chaos bolts on top of the buffs to immolate and incin

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People not realising that aff locks have been doing this much dmg the whole xpac are just ignorant. Go have a look at RBGs for the last 2years alone.

The buff to dot dmg is not as big as everyone on forums makes it out to be. Aff locks pump huge dmg during soul rot + dark soul + darkglare and its been that way the whole xpac.

The UA not being able to crit is actually a nerf btw. You could cheese 1 shot a healer by them dispelling a UA that crit for a silly number before. Yes it does more baseline dmg on the dispel now but it is also not a rng threat like it use to be and healers are fine with dispelling a single UA if they are healthy now.

Warlocks never needed the changes they gave regardless (maybe they were for pve??). The only change that locks needed in pvp was giving demon armor back to destro and aff as their physical dmg mitigation via armor baseline is like 7% where most classes are closer to 20% baseline.


It’s pretty funny how UA super-mega hits you and silences you if you dispel it…and vampiric touch does no damage with a horror effect if you dispel it. It does no damage if you don’t dispel it too, but that’s a separate post.


Probably because there needs to be some spec identity? Idk just a simple thought


I kind of like the different types of dispel protection. The Vampiric Touch one also leaves a good chance to chain cc off of. It may not give you a random 1 shot but it can lead to chain cc and opportunity to win


This guy gets it


Agreed, aff is definitely getting nerfed next patch.