[A]<Exiles of Proudmoore> Looking for all

We are a semi-casual guild new to Stormrage. We’re looking to do Normal/Heroic Raiding, Lots of PVP and some Mythic + If your looking for something chill we might be a good fit for you. We do plan on getting AOTC in Dragonflight but on our own terms at our own pace. we’re also open to socials and people that don’t raid and pvp. If you have any questions feel free to ask.


Returning Player here, anything in particular your looking for to fill the ranks? Coldeyez#1694 if you want to chat

Applied with guild finder, DK named Caylvan

Right now we need pretty much everything… I’m not sure how many people are gonna follow the guild over to Stormrage from Proudmoore. I’ll add you and we can talk if you like.

Just so everyone knows I changed my name to Mabonhunts

Still looking

Hi, what days and times do you plan on raiding?

We haven’t sorted that out yet I’m leaning towards the weekend for days… As for times probably something close to 9pm server to 11 or 12 depending on what we decide.

Still looking

Join us for some epic pvp

Great guild! Very friendly and open to all levels of players. BG’s, arena, and more.

Come hang out with us and have fun.

Still looking for raider but all are welcome

Come join us for some epic fun

Having a good time with the pre-patch

BG’s almost every night. Looking to build RBG team and arenas.

If your looking for a good time come join us

Looking to make a new toon on Stormrage and just curious if you need melee or range and what class are in high need atm?

Right now we need Melee, DH, DK, Pally and Rogue, as for ranged we could use spriest, and ele shaman. As well we need healers if your interested in doing that. Druid, and Monk would be awesome for heals.

added you in game