[A]<Ethical-Frostmourne> 12/12M Ny’alotha+Mount Sale Thread

Ethical are currently looking to sell a wide variety of in-game services on Alliance, ranging from your weekly +15 all the way up to Mythic raid clears + Raid Mounts!

For services involving loot, you will be traded all non-corrupted pieces you need, and then any corrupted items not needed by those selling the run.

What are the prices? (All carries are dealt with in-game gold only)

Mythic Ny’alotha-

Full 12/12M Clear - No Mount - 6M
Full 12/12M Clear - With Mount - 8M

Wrathion - 300k
Maut - 300k
Skitra - 300k
Hivemind - 400k
Shad’har - 400k
Xanesh - 400k
Vexiona - 500k
Ra-den - 750k
Raden Fist weapons are individually priced at 750k Each.
Drest’agath - 700k
Drest’agaths Trinket is individually priced at 500k.
Il’gynoth - 700k
Carapace - 1M
Carapaces Weapons are individually priced at 1mil each.
N’zoth - No Mount - 3M
N’zoth - With Mount - 5M

What do I need to do if I’m buying a sale?

  1. A 10% deposit must be paid once a date/time has been booked (For Mythic Raid Carries)
  2. The full payment must be paid before the first boss of the instance is pulled (if you are buying a full carry) or before the individual boss is pulled that you are getting carried for.
  3. Show up to the carry. Carry times will vary depending on what you are buying, Mythic raid carries will typically be 7:30pm Wednesday.

What If what I want, isn’t listed here?
If there is something you’re after, that isn’t on this list, feel free to add us and we can try to sort something out!

Please be aware that we only take gold as a payment method.

To enquire about a carry please contact Magic (magic#1314) or Emlis (Axil#11882) !


wow what a deal

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These guys ran me through Mythic in 2 hours and got me lots of loot and the mount :slight_smile: Really great group! Lots of other Frostmoune guilds take more than two days to clear…

Ran me through this morning for the N’zoth and Jaina mount without a hitch.

Was very happy with the price and glad I came across them.