<Aeternitas> Recruiting for Heroic and Mythic

<Aeternitas> was formed in 2015 and many of its members date back to Vanilla. We are a mix of old a new, but we take the game at a slower pace than we once did. That said, we consistently progress quickly and do delve into mythic content.

- 8/8N and 8/8H 3rd week in the Eternal Palace-

We are an active group that participates in mythic+ and PvP content as well. If you would like company but are not a raider, that is okay, too! We have some active PvPers, farmers, and achievement hunters.

Additionally, we have a “legacy raiding” team to complete and farm the Herald of the Titans feat of strength in Ulduar. Come join us for all sorts of guild fun and love <3

We have both a Discord and Facebook page where we communicate about guild related matters as well as miscellaneous content. We want everyone to feel as if the guild is more than a means to receive loot; it is your WoW Family :slight_smile:

- Raid Schedule -
Our raiding schedule is Tuesday and Thursday, 6:30-9-30pm server.

We occasionally have raids on off nights as well, and these vary depending on the week. Alts are welcome as well as casual raiders who cannot make the usual scheduled times.

Classes in Need
We are seeking any player who can consistently raid and improve on their performance. We have skilled players who can assist with tips.

Classes with high priority include:


  • Any tank off spec with DPS as a backup


  • Monk
  • Shaman
  • Any dps with healing off spec.


  • Demon Hunter
  • Boomkin
  • Warlock

Contact Us
/who Aeternitas to find someone online; just about anyone can invite you.
An appropriate guild rank will be awarded by an officer when they are online.

[b]Officers to contact directly are #Jared1396 – nwaters80#1547 – or Kytch#11697 on Battletag. Please indicate that you are inquiring about the guild.

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Currently 7/9N with plans to start heroic next week.

We are not a “casual” guild, as we expect people to be consistent and show up weekly, but we do have a casual vibe (cuz we’re just so awesome, of course :heart_eyes:)

Currently 7/9N and 2/9H. Come join us today!

Hello all! Come join us today! We are in need of great DPS. Looking for a shadow priest, demon hunter, and rogue. Everyone can apply! We are raiding and doing M+!

We are 4/9 Heroic now. While we love smaller groups, we want 20 consistent people so we can continue to delve into mythic.

Jared#1396 message me directly.

9/9 Normal, 4/9 Heroic with plans to push farther tonight. Would love some strong DPS.

Hello KT!

Always looking for more great dps to join our growing team! Very much looking for a rogue and 2 shadow priests for progression. As always all can join as well even if you are casual as we know life can be busy. Join us today!

DPS where are you! Come join us today!

Hello there I just server x-fer’d a while ago, 393 Prot pal w/ 391 in ret
9/9N 3/9H

B tag papercompany#1254

PvP an Keys aswell

Hello Papercompany,

Thank you for your post. For an invite to the guild please message one of our members and we can invite you.

Thank you

Absolutely message us. I have added your btag as well (Jared#1396).

I am a prot paladin myself but I play multiple classes as we need. If you enjoy ret we do actually need one. We had a handful of members not return to WoW after the content drought around Christmas/New Years and one of those members was our hard hitting ret paladin.

Hello DPS of KT!

Come join us today! We are progressing through heroic and once we have all the new members we will be doing mythic as well! Whisper online members today to join the team!

Hello KT!

Some new recruits joining us everyday! Come join us today for M+ and Raiding! Raiders and casuals always accepted. Looking forward to meeting all the new people!

Hello KT!!!

Been getting so many new recruits lately! Looking forward to see more DPS! Come join us today for raiding, M+, PvP and more!

Raid is coming up on Tuesday! Looking forward to some new faces!

We have some of our members parsing 90%+ ! Looking for some more solid players to push successfully into mythic!

Hi, just transferred a Druid over to KT, Feral/Guardian. I played a warrior recently 8/9 Heroic BFD. Going to gear my Druid up shortly and am looking for a guild. Giantqtip#11522 Thanks!

Things have been slow, I apologize for not getting back to you sooner. It will be easiest if those interested try to contact us in-game. I will send you a message!

Hello KT!

As the new raid is out we are looking for more dps to join our ranks. Locks, Hunters, and Demon Hunters are needed to fill out the raid for mythic. Casuals can join us as well!

Always looking for quality dps!