Adventures Available Missions Updated

With a hotfix that went live earlier today, we’ve updated the Adventures system to provide more lower-level Missions to all players who have progressed the Adventures system to an advanced point.

Our goal with this tweak is to make it easier to find appropriate Missions for your Companions who haven’t yet leveled up to the heights of their counterparts, if you have any.


Nice. Now, if we could get the abilities to actually do what they say they do we might be getting somewhere.


Make the rewards actually worth the effort.


Thank you for the continued work in balancing these issues, and communication on efforts to do so. More of both will only make things better.


Now get rid of storming, whoever came up with that affix, should never touch a video game again


now make legion raids soloable at level 60 in green gear like we should be able to


It’s impressive the feedback you accept, and the feedback you ignore.
But mount collectors, rejoice!


That’s awesome, great change and should alleviate a lot of the issues players are having with the mission table (even for covenants not Night Fae who ran into the same situation just slower).

Still think a couple things could be looked at such as XP gain at higher levels and potentially overall rewards, however this has made me very happy.

I noticed it a couple of hours ago and made a post, but it’s nice to have confirmation.

Great change, now make new followers join @ your troops level and we’ll be golden.

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Great change thanks :smiley:

That’s never happened before has it? Not in WoD or Legion I know for sure since I actually did those missions :rofl: BFA I dunno

Level 12 1000 XP missions :heart_eyes:

no. :slight_smile:


Blizzard after accepting one bit of feedback 3 months after launch:


Our goal isnt to upset the NF favouritism we have expressed this entire xpac. Rather than making them suffer for abusing a broken system we shall reward them and not do anything more to change or balance covenants. We apologize to our NF overlords. Glory to the winter queen.



My Necrolord is only getting about 5-6 missions as it is. There’s not much choice and not much of worth there at all.
Also as my characters(alts) are getting better and working up in Torghast and renown we get new adventurers but they come in at lvl 1 so it takes forever to get them up.

Yeah, it was weird seeing lowbie missions an hour ago when I did the Table Missions from my phone. Becoz all of my followers were doing fine even without the hotfix. Well, I had injured followers. So I just gave them all a break. I put them all to these lowbie missions half of their level. Hoping they could heal back in 4 hours later when I get home.

Thanks, that’s nice :slight_smile:

It’s a good change.
Theres still a LOT of work to do… but credit where credit is due.

Thanks for the change. Now it is safe to grab that cute pet reward from that campaign mission. :blush: