Adventure Lies Ahead in the New Dragonflight Dungeons

Adventure Lies Ahead in the New Dragonflight Dungeons

Four new level-up dungeons and four maximum-level dungeons await players who venture into the Dragon Isles. Whether you’re looking for loot, a new challenge, or to learn more about this ancient land, you’ll need to gather your courage— and your allies— for the trials ahead.

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Nah I’m good


Very cool and edgy comment.



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Love these new dungeons CANT wait to have fun in them and can’t wait to explore these new and cool dungeons.

I hope they’re good and most importantly…fun. Looking forward to trying them later this month!



The Ruby Life Pools dungeon looks beautiful.


Is this picture the Oculus?


It’s back!!

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Too bad it’s going to be misery like Cataclysm from what most of the people on the Beta are saying, with the new “Healing is too powerful” claim being made. One would of thought they learned this lesson in 4.0.


I look forward to when I can play all of these, and not just 4 of them.



I wish they were ALL going to be available for M+ in Season 1 … :rage:


The dungeon design has always been amazing.

With the exception of Spires of Ascension. Whoever thought it would be fun to get carted around by a lethargic Kyrian should get chauffeured around to meetings in a wheelchair, pushed by a lethargic orderly who gets paid by the hour.

i’ll give you 3 guesses and the first 2 don’t count

TBH, Azure Vault is basically just an HD remake of Nexus.

I’d love to see Blizzard do this more often honestly. Gimme an HD remake of Magister’s Terrace.


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I’ve avoided almost all info about the dungeons and look forward to going into them blind with friends.


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I have no friends and only 4 m+ dungeons is kind of a joke :laughing:

I still like the detail that the Gnoll bosses we fight in Brackenhide are girls. Cuz Hyenas.

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Do we really need oculus PTSD 2.0?

How many of these are fully original fleshed out unique instances and how many are partitioned off chunks of existing zones turned into an instanced dungeon?