Advanced Graphic quality settings

my game is unplayable because of how laggy it is and my graphics quality settings are bugged out. plz help is anyone else having this issue. my advanced graphics quality settings are all blank except for shadow quality but the rectangle next to it is blank. the rest of the settings are blank so you can’t even see what they are for and the rectangles next to them are blank also. im getting extremely frustrated with this on top of my favorite classes being ruined my the update. but i can probably learn to deal with and adjust my play style for the way they have changed the classes buy the graphics things isn’t something that i can deal with and concidering it’s all blank and happened when they updated for the pre-patch im assuming that its a bug plz help and let me know if y’all are experiencing the same thing. i submitted a ticket asking about wheather or not it is a bug or not but you all know how the support is so hopfully ill get something back but im not expecting to and deffinitally not within the next 10-14 days