Adult Social Guild in Eldre'Thalas-Korialstrasz recruiting

[H] [US] [Eldre’Thalas-Korialstrasz]

We are an adult social guild recruiting members that want to have some fun and enjoy different aspects of the game (Raiding, PvP, PvE, Classic, Grinding), that can also make the game experience fun.

We’re just chilling not much fanciness to add hehe :smile:

Realm: Eldre’Thalas-Korialstrasz
Time zone: Pacific + Eastern Time.
Experience: Players since Vanilla, BC & WoTLK… 'til present & another dimensions too.
Contact: In-game: Gladia.
Contact on Discord Gladia#1280

Hello Gladia,
I’d like to find out more about your guild, as I’m going to be playing quite a bit more on Horde once we get our new trolls (I’ve always loved trolls!)
I had a guild on Alliance that pretty well fell apart, so I’m looking for a replacement there too. But I’d really like to get into a nice friendly guild for once.
I’m tired of playing for 3 days on another character (My name’s Rivamari, and I’m an Alto-holic) to find that I’ve been kicked out of yet another guild who says they “welcome alts and casual players”.
I don’t know how often you check on these forum posts, but I’ll try to jot your name down and send you a tell later on.
Thanks for the welcoming invitation.

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Hello Rivamari!!!
For sure!
Personally I play mostly on evenings & weekends, but there are guildies all the time that could send and invite :slight_smile:
If you would like to add me, my ID’s are:
BattleTag: Gladia#1562 / Discord Galdia#1280