Adjustments to Dungeon Creature Behavior and Group XP

Now that you’re cracking down on this… and im fine with that…

How about no selling Blizz Boostz…


It was as if a million SP boosters cried out before being silenced.


Another great idea, thank you!

That’s why they’re also giving 50% experience from all sources…


While I can understand your cynicism, it is still good news overall for us players, regardless of whether there is ulterior motives or not behind it.


Wheres the Race Changes topic you promised us to make?

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I don’t think this is a bad idea but this is my question How big is the XP buff going to be is it going to be a flat 50% for everything.

Or is it just going to be 50% from quests if you’re going to increase the XP given by all the quests by 50% and all the kills by 50% I am completely fine with this because here is the thing.

Leveling is not fun Especially after you’ve done it the 2nd or 3rd time if anything what I think you should do in addition to this after your 3rd or 4th character increase it even more.

For example if the buff increases experience granted by 50% on your 1st character increase it by 60% on your 2nd And have it go up by 10% each time so each time it takes less time to get to cap because of people are leveling alst.

Let’s be honest after your 3rd time through hellfire peninsula you just want to get it done it over with Most people don’t like leveling and are only lovely because they want to experience that character at end game in a different way that’s why people level altz.

I don’t necessarily like boosting I don’t but leveling is a miserable experience With or without this change So I would say if you’re gonna keep that 50% boost all the way through wrath I’m completely fine with this.

But I would just say This doesn’t solve the gdkp problem either.

change it to 250% not just 50%, people really dont want to level alts.


While I appreciate the sentiment, the act of reporting people for spamming does not actually result in actions taken by Blizzard to reduce the spam in general. And ignores only work on one character, not all characters on the account, AFAIK.


Reporting someone for spamming puts them on an ignore listz and doesn’t chew up an ignore slot.

It’s just as easy ti do as an ignore.

This is simply taking away a method of play for a class like a mage. If the mage is good enough to jump into a dungeon and solo some mobs with their kit (which they could do in og wotlk) why can’t they now?

The exp nerf for boosts is completely welcome - awesome change.


It is good news I’m not going to deny that but I want to know how no how and when are they going to implement this 50% experience buff.

And how long is it going to last is it permanent if so I would be completely happy with that my thing is that people don’t like to level.

Because it’s boring and long and drawn out because let’s be real here even if the boostine wasn’t a thing One of the only things I think they got right in SoM was the increased experience to level faster because after your 1st character let’s be honest most people don’t want to sit there and take forever to level from 1 to 70.

Because it’s long-drawn-out and it’s boring So if they’re going to put in that 50% experience boost I say Put it in permanently and leave it in In fact I would say increase it even more per alt 10% more so you’re a second Character Make it 60% And it should stack with BOA gear.

Most people do not like to level Are there some sure but not many

Right, but then you have to ignore the next one, and the next one and the next one. Let me ignore the account once.

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A few weeks before prepatch and it’ll last a total of 6 to 8 weeks, ending when wrath releases.

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Yeah I just got the chance to read that post But see this still count at least me the question when’s prepatch going to hit they haven’t given us any indication and when that’s going to happen.

Or how long pretty patches going to be because it’s going to be really crappy If they say oh yeah It’s only a 2 week pre patch Even if they had said that seemed too quick I still stand by the fact that I think it should be at least 30 days a month.

Sorry, it completely skipped my mind. Here: [WotLK] Race/Faction change

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probably at least 3 weeks with the “few weeks before prepatch” and 6-8 weeks of the buff.

Two expansions too late.

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How is this good news? Questing in this game sucks. Majority of people only care about endgame. If there are no boosts I’d rather not level at all, or just buy multiple 70 boosts on multiple accounts just for alts.


So instead of solving the problem by encouraging people to group together instead of selling carries you’ll just guarantee that nobody will run anything old, entirely.

Great plan.


I don’t know I still still think there should be a month prepatch I know not everybody shares this opinion but prepatches going to be so much fun.