Addressing Population Concerns in WoW Classic

Also, to add. Dominant guilds will absolutely split their raids between both layers, thus creating a culture of camping 12 wbosses every cycle.

I honestly don’t give a sh*t about the layering as long as it’s temporary and only exists as long as the exacerbated queues exist due to COVID. This is a temporary problem. As soon as the lock-downs lift and the world starts trending back to normal, the massive influx of people/queues will drop back off. Just as it did originally. As long as the layering is removed when the problem is no longer present and the queues are MANAGABLE aka not 1000+ queues by 4PM EST, then I don’t have a problem with it. Just arbitrarily increasing server caps to deal with it will do nothing other than worsen the lag issues in major cities, major world pvp fights over world bosses, etc. The lag was already a massive issue prior to the increase in player counts from COVID on raid nights with people getting world buffs.

As much as I hate layering, it’s the only temporary solution that will RAPIDLY address the queue problem right now. Opening transfers that people aren’t going to take will not. Everyone knows this is a temporary problem. If you don’t, you’re fooling yourself. Why are people going to transfer off and then end up on a sparsely populated realm when people stop playing again in a month’s time?

The servers are under increased load because more people are stuck home and using the internet/playing games than pretty much ever before. Open a valve now to ease the load, then close that valve as soon as the load starts trending downward again. If you think it’s OK to have 3 hour queues before 5PM EST on a day that isn’t tuesday, I guarantee you the vast majority of people disagree with you.


But only to these select realms. Other realms will just fall behind.

Then your data completely ignores F R E S H servers that prove your data to be pretty stinking inaccurate. 2 new realms, 1 pvp and one pve, preferably with faction queues and no cross realm bgs would get CLOBBERED with rerolling people. Not transfers, but fresh characters.


These are not adults, they just can not be.
Has to be children who have nothing to do and no school to go to.

Tell you what Kaivax, i have a not yet thought of solution
When someone goes to log in and hits the queue, just delete the account

Issue will be resolved in 1 day

Take that back to the devs, tell them it came from the forums

Ty for killing the game, when is next fresh :joy:


Fresh servers may work right now because of the increased player counts with people being stuck at home and online – but as soon as things start getting back to normal and tons of people are once again quitting, those fresh realms will be left sparsely populated and begging for transfers to more stable/populated realms like Herod/Faerlina/Whitemane/Pagle, etc.


As I said in an earlier post, free transfers alone are not enough of an encouragement to get people to transfer to dead servers. You have to overcome the basic fear of the unknown that will hold people back. This can be achieved by allowing players to sign up for transfers days in advance, showing how many players are signing up, and allowing players to back out. This way there is no fear of the unknown, no immediate, final decision that you may regret. There would be a community effort to stir enough interest into transferring off server in faction-balanced clumps.

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Only person i think, in the history of the forums, that actually understands what vast majority actualy means


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What i mean by fresh server is 1.5 restart bro not just a new realm

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I think, boys. It’s time to go back to the private server communities, sadly :\ The players have a much better understanding and clear direction as to how Classic should be played and executed. Seemingly their communities have better resources to utilize as well.

This is truly a shame.

Bad idea. World buffs are going to be so messed up. And how are you dealing with world bosses?

That would mean they potenitally miss out on those 25 dollars. No way!

Well i mean yeah classic has been significantly worse than any private server in almost all aspects


Please, please, please give us some way of knowing which layer we are on.

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All we can do is ask Blizzard to provide us with a great experience, and hope that they recognize that that’s the best way to make money (great experience–>more subscriptions). Or at the very least, that someone on their team who does care reads our suggestions and agrees with them. That’s better than nothing.

I agree with you that layering really messes with world buffs and definitely creates an issue with world bosses, but realistically what other temporary solution are they going to use to address this temporary queue issue? The queues are going to disappear again in a month’s time more likely than not. If they increase server counts while keeping one layer, the queue will go down, the lag will go up to practically unplayable levels in any major hub or high traffic area. World pvp fights over world bosses would be even more of a slide show than they already are.

If they just open a couple fresh realms, sure some people are going to go because there’s plenty of people who like that fresh experience, but there’s even more who don’t feel like taking that gamble and another thing is it’s very rare to have a pre-established guild ALL agree on taking that gamble together whether it’s a free transfer or a fresh reroll. Meaning, those fresh realms will be begging for transfers in short order in more cases than not. It happens all the time. It happened in vanilla. It happened in retail. It’ll happen here.

I just don’t see any other solution that’s going to IMMEDIATELY address the temporary queue problems on high pop realms other than layering. Layering can be turned back off. It will create temporary issues yes, but they’ll be temporary. Every solution they can propose would have pros & cons, not just layering.


Do you have a better idea?

layers = more bots, another problem that u seem to not get solved.

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And there shouldn’t be. You intentionally did this knowing it would lead to layering not just in the beginning but likely moving forward to some degree. What would have been so bad about authentic server caps and adding more realms as they reach capacity?
Face it the launch was botched. People exploited the hell out of layering which shouldn’t have even been there, and now it’s back? lol.