Addressing Population Concerns in WoW Classic

Please consider opening up transfers to the low/medium pop servers for those of us who don’t want to be on a layered server.


Who actually cares? Oh no. More people get stuff from them.

pathetic response. glad to see blizzard got their money from classic and doesnt actually care about the game! Thank you!


oh man i cant wait to get double world boss loot! thanks blizz

The free transfers off of Incendius ruined the server. Success. You should’ve kept an eye out and stopped it sooner. Too many left.

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I absolutely despise layering, I think it undermines a core foundational pillar of world building, emergent world pvp and world immersion. I understand that this is used as a solution for a temporary problem, but please find a way to tackle this issue without layering.

I said before, but I Remember the day they removed layering people were dueling outside ogrimmar like I remember in vanilla, now its a ghost town. Regional chat channels disregard alliance/horde threats and world pvp.


Blizzard, you’re making a huge mistake.

Trust have been already eroded with your core community, many people never left private servers because of layering in the first place.

A better, more permanent solution is to increase the caps OR force people/guilds to transfer by letting the queues go on.

Layering kills what made Vanilla WoW special, a populated server filled with random engagements across the world.

You’re disappointing the vast majority of hardcore players for the convenience of a vocal minority of casual tourists that want convenience above all, and refuse to transfer or put up with the queues.


… you just listed a bunch of ways of ruing the game. classic is classic. that means having the classic realm population what ever happened to #nochanges ? increasing realm pop from the start was the BIGGEST mistake you could of made and you’re only making it worse with free transfers to medium pop servers. you could increase mobs in an area, you could speed up spawn times, BL nodes you could add more. their are other ways to go about this…

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If you read the open leader thread both the pro and anti layering groups feel they are the majority.

A “classic” damned if you do damned if you don’t situation.

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Complete disgrace.

You promised us layers would only be in at launch.

They are not compatible with Classic WoW, I would rather queue to get into a better server than instantly log in to this layered garbage.

Shame on you.


Excellent decision. Layering sucks but not as much as 1+ hour queues. This is an acceptable temporary solution, but free transfers, character creation restrictions and other tools should continue to be used so that layering can eventually be removed.

Thank-you Blizzard.

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The point of classic was to provide an authentic vanilla experience, stick to that and you’ll not be damned by the people who Classic was made for.


And then a world wide pandemic happened.

People grossly over exaggerate the impact of layering.

Some feel having to log in at 1pm to make their 9pm raid and pray for no disconnect isn’t really a “classic experience”

The September/October implementation of layering will do zero to improve the lotus issue. More layers = longer lotus timer.

I mean you can solve the queue issue here, sure, but let’s not talk about lotus as a reason to keep the queue when you’re just going to let more people onto the server anyway.


GET RID OF LAYERING IT IS LITERALLY RUINING THE GAME, WORLD BOSSES ARE BROKEN NOW. This is the worst solution you could of come up with… Very disappointing but not surprised.


They became a joke in August

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Each layer has its own independent spawn timers.

So when Kazzak or Azuregos decides to spawn on one layer, it doesn’t affect the other layer at all. This way, a dominant guild wouldn’t kill him, and then layer-hop to kill him again.

The Dragons of Nightmare are also tracked independently on each layer. All four dragons spawn at once on a layer when its time for them to do so.

FWIW, the fishing tournament is different. It’s tracked globally, and will only have one winner per realm each week.


Unlike pirate servers, Blizz servers have actual security.