Addressing Population Concerns in WoW Classic

sorry man, not everyone can be like the losers in vampire clan who play 20 hours a day


Actually dragging this game through the mud.

Thanks for being useless, as always.


Thanks for killing the Incendius realm, and also causing my guild to fall apart!



They can literally see how many people took the free transfers they offered to help ease the queues.

I don’t know what that number is but clearly it’s not enough.

Classic isn’t a private server and I don’t see how people looking forward to a fresh start after Naxxs correlates to what’s going on right here and now. I mean we’re not even at the stage of the game.

It’s not impossible it’s just that the percentage that would/will is so small it wouldn’t make a dent in the queues and we know that based on the fact that these servers still have queues.


This is a typical response from Blizzard taking 0 accountability for issues that should have been resolved 1/2 a year ago.

“It’s not us…it’s COVID’s fault!”


So, Blizz having enough servers (36) that nobody has to have a queue ever but the players piling on 5 servers causing massive queues on 3 is not a player issue issue…


Since you brought it up, is Blizzard going to do anything about it? I mean, I have yet to even find a black lotus or even use a flask. Right now they sell for 195 gold on my server. Is the answer to buy gold so I can afford one? Somehow that seems like it would go against guidelines. However, how else can I afford one?


Layering would help you.

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whitemane already with layers

Blizzards out here trying to come up with solutions for player created problems.

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10x the population of Vanilla. That would mean we need 10 layers. Is that happening?

so would dynamic respawns.


If only the 10x number wasn’t made up by players.

i just killed azuregos 5 times in a row , F yeah!

Dynamic respawns help queues now?

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Doesn’t matter if it is. It could be any number. The question is, will there be enough layers to push the realm to Vanilla levels and allow the economy to stabilize?

I suppose that data is based on the low population realms, and not on new realms without the ability to transfer. Is there any data that suggests that sort of thing wouldn’t be of any benefit?


I mean it is…


Who knows?

The current game suggest players don’t want to play on actual vanilla population sized realms.

There are dozens of those available and the forums refer to them as “dead realms”


What about layering for realms that are super populated on side. There are certain advantages to having layers. All realms should be layered if any are. Farming for AQ event? Layers op. STV Fishing Event?

Implement connected realms. Split the giant realms into two realms then reconnect them. The smaller realms connect multiples to make larger well balanced. The heavy horde, connect to heavy alliance. Connected realms are the solution here, not layers.