Addressing Population Concerns in WoW Classic

BINGO! this is my point exactly!! A FRESH server will pull many players off the overpopulated servers and give people a chance to create their own economy. 1st place guilds will probably not leave and start over because of their investment in THAT server. but people who joined late or were not able to rank consistently or generally have guild issues or messed up their profession choice etc will JUMP at a chance to start Fresh. THAT is part of the reason players are not “just moving to another server” BECAUSE it is already established… who wants to level a warrior on a pvp server with bored horde/alliance gankers sitting in wetlands/tanaris because they have nothing better to do?


This is part of the reason that we need some FRESH servers to be launched. What better time than now? The leak of TBC launch and ‘what to do with the servers’ is going to be a factor. Let players KNOW if that server is “just Vanilla” or if it will ‘go through the portal’ in any event I feel this guy’s pain :confused: I saw 3 black lotus in my time playing and I picked it ONE time sigh servers were not designed for this kind of numbers of players.

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Except, they can’t. Since you don’t have any other character in the server, it will not allow you to recover the one you had. It’s a stupid measure since you aren’t creating a new one but recovering an old one. But hey, it’s blizz.

You think you do… but you don’t

I guess should not have deleted the toon while the realm was locked
i mean it does literally show them locked when i log in so…

At least you will be able to recover it later.

I started a thread with suggestions as to what we can including the idea of FRESH servers with pop caps and no transfers. Please check it out and give us your two cents here:

Nobody wants to transfer if they’re on the dominant faction and hopes others will transfer. That’s the general consensus.

So what makes y’all assume people will think differently about F R E S H realms?

How are F R E S H realms gonna solve this problem that free transfers didn’t?

Thank you for thinking things through. But please find a way to remove the server lockdown soon, so that my friends can join me on Sulfuras and create new characters.

While I am not as hardcore as regular raiders, I have still invested plenty of time in the game. The server restrictions on new players come at a time when I’ve finally convinced my friends to pay for a subscription.


Hi, i recently started a character on bloodsail buccaner server. Totally disapointed. No horde player, no ppl to team with for quests or dongeons. Alliance everywhere so long time to wait for respawn…absolutely zero fun playin there. Anyway i can move my character to another server and if you can suggest me one with a little more horde player , it would be nice. Thx.

Totally agree. Persuade a friend to play and when they finally give it a try my server is locked for character creation. Zero interest in transferring my main and leaving my raid team and zero interest in starting from scratch on a new server with none of the perks of having a 60 and zero interest in trying to convincing friend(s) to level on another server then maybe pay to transfer to my server later.

They just refunded instead of dealing with all of this and I don’t blame them, Blizzard doesn’t want new player money right now. Their loss. As a small indie dev they could use the money to solve these problems in a meaningful way.


Hello. I have recently returned to play classic after playing for years in retail classic-cataclysm. I want to join my friends on their realm to raid with them. Playing solo for me is not ideal, and I would like to get on a competitive realm.

Could we please get some insight as to when transfers will be unlocked?

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Now that Earthfury is locked I am prevented from transferring and playing with my guild. To say this sucks is an understatement.


Out of curiosity, why are there no free transfers for the faction with the higher population on a server to servers where it is the opposite? A good example would be Heartseeker (90+ % Alliance) and Skeram (90+ % Horde)? seems like this would be a good thing to do for faction balance even in cases that aren’t as extreme. My guild on Earthfury would like to move to an Alliance dominated server but we aren’t going to pay $3,000 to do it when paid faction transfers are what ruined our original server (Incendius) in the first place.

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What about dead servers like Loatheb?? Me and my friends are stuck on a dead server who doesnt have people for doing any dungeon and the AH doesnt even work because nobody buys because of the lack of people. Are we gonna get combines with any USA server or at least we are gonna be given some kind of free transfer??

That is why this thread suggests NO TRANSFERS as well as population cap and an effort to encourage faction balances.

I am experiencing some difficulty understanding the logic and implementation of these locked servers. Players were given no notice and now we are essentially trapped on realms with huge amounts of time invested with no answer. Personally my issue lies in the inability for new characters on locked realms. I play on sulfuras with one of my brothers and recently my other brother joined and therefore cant play with us. Personally I would much rather play with my brothers than keep my characters on my server but I dont want to pay 75-125 dollars to transfer my characters. Especially considering this was an issue created by blizzards open transfer policy then reaction. To make matters worse I opened a ticket to try and speak with someone about this issue. I patiently waited 2 days to have a gm post an automated answer and mark my ticket as answered without any actual solution. Now I have to wait another 2 days before someone addresses this? I am hoping someone can reach out so I can play the game as intended with friends and family rather than just being trapped with my characters on one realm and my friends and family character on another.


I’m in the same boat as you, Bacteremia. I also opened a ticket and got a response, saying that support can’t do anything, which makes sense. But they did direct me here! To open the conversation. So here I am.

I have 7 characters on my locked realm, and have been getting very into Classic the last few weeks. I convinced a few friends to play again - some already had characters but one didn’t, and now that friend can’t play with us. It’s not very viable to create a new character from scratch on a low-pop realm when I have all this progress (several 30+ chars, thousands of gold, high professions) on my main realm.

I think layering is a great solution to this problem, and I understand the logic behind locking the realm. I just wish there was some way to solve the recruiting friends problem, because that’s such a core part of the game for me. Maybe it involves locking the realm at an even lower threshold, but allowing existing players to be able to invite friends in. This would make it so new players choosing a realm can’t choose a super high pop realm, but those already on the realm can still invite their friends to play. Obviously I’m a little biased because I’m in this position right now, but it seems good to me!

I just hope the population dies down soon so the lock can be lifted and my friend can join up with our friend group. I feel pretty bad about it because I really hyped things up.


I know many don’t want faction changes, but given the option, I’d change over to Alliance. I don’t want to reroll, as the grind is real. Perhaps a one sided faction change only would help.

I know many don’t want this, but I’m sure many don’t want to reroll. A compromise might be needed.

Logic: “We are preventing people from creating new characters”. That’s the same thing as “Let’s prevent people from playing the game that they are paying for!”


I am in the same boat… support has literally been the biggest joke possible