Addressing Children’s Week Issues

We’re aware of and working on issues with the Children’s Week holiday. Specifically, we’re fixing bugs with the holiday’s quests as well as fixing an issue with the What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been achievement not properly granting the Master Riding skill.

Considering the time it’s taking to complete this work, we’ve decided to extend the holiday by a week to make sure everyone has plenty of time after the fixes.

Thanks again for your patience and understanding.


Appreciate the communication. <3


It’s something at least…

Thank you

Can you address issues with honor prices instead of avoiding 90% of the posts made in this forum?


Has there been a holiday event in Classic that wasn’t bugged to hell? lol

Fix Honor rewards and Resilience already.

Most people came back for the pre-patch because of PVP.


how about you address the honor and resil issues?


so many more people care about honor issues than about childrens week issues. this is insane


Starting to think these community managers are just reporters and pull their info from Wikipedia. Nobody has barely ever mentioned children’s week. yet here we are. 1500 posts about honor and 1 about children’s week.


case point example…

high percentage of player base - FIX HONOR
Blizzard - We fixed kids week, yay


Honestly I don’t care how unplayable the game is, I just want these types of communication rolling out, keep up the good job and thank you <3

I get that people are upset over the honour/pvp issues currently affecting the game and its totally understandable. But its good to see that the devs are communicating in some way of form about game bugs, in this case time sensetive bugs, as if they don’t get rectified in time then you have to wait a whole year to complete that achievement for Children’s week.
I am sure they are doing their best with that resources they have available.

I really don’t think anyone cares about the childrens week event, but i’ll give ya a D minus for at least showing up.

it might require far less work than the fix for honor.


Im not too found of the generic response that begins with “We’re aware of” Or “We’re working on” or “We are currently looking into this issue” or “We’re sorry that”

Companies do that now days to put you off for later.

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Just here to express discontent at yet another insanely disrespectful blue post given everything going on in Cata. You should be embarrassed to be doing this for McDonalds salary.


Why on earth do you care about so much to post a stupid in game holiday when there are so many critical game destroying issues currently outstanding?

Does anyone at blizzard read the bug forums?
Blood DK is so broken right now and no discussion from all the reports?

Get priorities sorted blizzard


what about the people who got 7 80s in an hour


Please, fix honor and resilience.


Oh… so the Violet Drake was a bug and not an intended Cata prepatch thing?? Will I get refunded my 4k then that I literally just bought yesterday because I thought that was intended and I was just SOL?

And thanks for the info on Children’s Week. SOME people actually DO care about it lmao.