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Good evening/morning everyone,

I was wondering if there are any addon developers that could take a crack at reviving or reinventing the TriviaBot addon that has since been abandoned.

My guild would love to have this old school, cherished mini game to play during our raid breaks, event nights, and to help kill time whilst leveling.

Understandably so, I can completely understand if this is a huge undertaking… I just thought I would take a shot in the dark and ask. Hopefully an aspiring developer would love the challenge.

oh yea. i remember that. back in cataclysm.

fun addon.

Looks like the dev abandoned the project. But the chat api hasnt changed all that much in the last 3 years … so fixing it would prob be trivial.

sherazade2384’s post on Jun 25, 2021 looks to be a scam as it redirects you to a paywall

braunico’s post on May 8, 2021 sounds like an easy fix for when bliz changed the background api … and broke pretty much all addons in the game.

I could prob get it up and running but have no desire to actively support it. That and my guild would prob gkick me for running it in guild chat.

Current owner of the project is listed as:
marspett - Last active Sat, May, 15 2021 04:47:50

Has anyone attempted to contact them?

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Hello, Swiftthisle!

Thank you for showing interest in resolving some of the issues with the original addon.

I completely understand that you don’t wish to support this particular addon on a permanent, or even semi-permanent basis… as it serves no true functional purpose for gameplay outside of it being a fun mini game. Hopefully, with maybe your resources and another developer in general discussion we can still find a means to revive the addon, even if only temporarily.

As for your question; I have not attempted to contact the original developer as I don’t really know how to, to be completely honest.

From my initial (drunk) interpretation of the license … I should be able to port it to github as long as the orig license comes with it. Unfortunately the source code is done via curseforge’s svn repo which doesn’t work anymore.

The code would have to be ported directly from the addon itself … which isnt a huge problem … but could cause issues for localization.

Anyway, I sent the owner of the project a PM on Curse, we shall see what happens.


Got a responce from the current project owner:

Hi there,

Thank you for reaching out. I am afraid to say that I abandoned the project a few years. The original author gave me rights to the project to

keep it alive, But the recent years no developers wanted to contribute.
I really love TriviBot my self, so if anyone want to keep the code up to date. I wish them welcome and I can assign rights.

all the best!



I replied asking for dev rights to get it updated to the current version of the game.

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This is excellent news!

I am so excited to hear about this!

I will patiently wait for further updates.

Thank you, Swiftthistle, truly!

“I replied asking for dev rights to get it updated to the current version of the game.”

Hey again, Swiftthistle!

Sorry to bother you, but I was hoping to see if there were any updates regarding this request? :smiley:

No, sorry been distracted w/ the release of BT / Hyjal. Now that we are full clearing all our content again I can start looking into projects like this.

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