Additional Tickets for BlizzCon 2023 Now on Sale

Additional Tickets for BlizzCon 2023 Now on Sale

Don’t miss out on your last chance to attend BlizzCon® 2023 in person with our final ticket sale to this year’s event. You can also catch a sneak peek of some of this year’s newly announced highlights.

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Cool, a teaser for the BlizzCon 2023 mount at the bottom right of the image. It looks awesome.

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Add Big Blizzard Bear for WotLK Classic to the BlizzCon Collection. :grinning:


^^^That would be so cool

does this mean that blizzcon had low admission rates this year?

also new mount bottom right


looks like it is oribos inspired

return to shadowlands!


Thrall is shown with his axe, but not his hammer. It’s puts on glasses doomed


How much do you think the “Blizzcon Collection” aka virtual ticket will be this year?

89.99 polly

Could be, and could also be voided tickets. There has been a lot going on with ticket sites and scalpers. Lot of sold out shows with a quarter of the seats empty since covid restrictions lifted.

ETA I know for sure when I went to buy tickets it said they were sold out. Now I have engagements in October :frowning:

That seems like too much. How much did they used to be?

I don’t think it is really out of bounds to assume the price will be about a hundred bucks.

Seems to be the going price for just about any game item these days. Not that it is right.

It’s in the article OP linked. They are calling it “Blizzcon Collection” and not virtual ticket this year.


I see now. I’d still believe a $100 price tag slapped on to it though, if they had the chance.


Someone still incredibly salty about D4.

The price of the ticket isnt what would get me it’s the hotel…

It’s going to have to be a real compelling item list for me to buy it at that price though. I don’t care about watching anything virtually, just the items and if it’s another thing like the yeti pajama or non-unique pets/mounts I’m going to hard pass.


Oh that was a virtual ticket? Hahaha… no

Protip: rent a bigger SUV and sleep in that. Everyone at blizzcon will be smelly anyways so you’ll fit right in.


being surrounded by nerds… sweaty and smelly… And people who take fiction too seriously

Sounds like a party…


It definitely won’t be nearly as entertaining as the dumpster fire that was Fanfest.