Additional Tickets for BlizzCon 2023 Now on Sale

I mean i’m happy for people. some people go and love it. It just sounds like a nightmare for me. I might if it was free but I wouldn’t pay for that


If you can ever get into a con for a reasonable price or free, then you should go. The people-watching at cons is more entertaining than anything else there is to offer at them.

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Me and my partner did a bunch of festivals here in the midwest and they are… Pretty much all the same but draw interesting people.

Bacon fest
Blueberry fest
Apple fest

why do we still not know about the virtual goodies/ticket one month before the event?

Last few festivals I got dragged to by some friends were rib fest and corn fest some years back. Yuck! Nothing but packed in sweaty people, rusty old carnival rides, overpriced beverages, trampled grass, and rows of stalls with ali express crap being pawned off as hand made!? Oh yeah, and let’s not forget the local musicians too who unfortunately think this is their big shot. :grimacing:

Also, why do couples always have big public blowouts at these things? I saw quite a few arguements and crying women. Like more in one place than I saw in all my life before it! I don’t think anyone was having a good time.

Not sure these fests are comparable to an air conditioned indoor nerd convention though. The few comic cons I went to back in the day, everyone was super friendly, relaxed, playful… and the vendors had really great stuff.

well to be fair theres no ticket, since the show is streamed live for free, it used to be the show livestream was restricted to the ticket

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The most important question: Will there be an official announcement about Metzen fixing all of the lore frickups that have gone on? This should include begging, groveling and pleading for forgiveness regarding what was done to Arthas Menethil, with a guarantee for the Return of Arthas.

2nd question: Will there be ample seating randomly spaced for handicapped patrons, who are able to go in person?

3rd point: Refer back to the first and repeat ad nauseum until it has sunk in about what must be done.


gee, that’s nice. No thank you, but still nice. my options are re-up or go to Blizz-microtransaction-con…decisions…

Wouldn’t that be even worse at this point? We killed him and then destroyed his anima, but now, for some reason, he is resurrected even though he hasn’t had plot relevance in over a decade.

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I think they should just retcon/Timewarp/whatever the hell out of Slands, personally. It would be a very cheap, but effective, way of untangling some of the mess they caused.

That would open up the possibilities for a whole slew of lore characters who were killed off in an untimely way. It would give the opportunity for Arthas to be brought back, and (I would personally say) to work underneath his sisters gaze at restoring Lordaeron/righting wrongs/etc. Escort quests with him along, a la Kael’Thas, could be fascinating as well, just seeing the character progression, ya know? There’s SO much that could be done with all of that.

Same with Tirion, Varian … Hell, any of ‘em that got rekt just for the sake of Sylvanas’ plotline alone. It would be easy enough to keep a push forward on new lore characters they want to build up more (cough Turalyon cough), but also have the old guard in the background in some fashion.

idk, this is all right off the top of my head in ways they could go about this. I do know that right now, it still just doesn’t feel like the real WoW to me.

I hope to christ that Metzen can make it all right again.

I’ll likely buy the virtual ticket again if you have them this year. I love the goodies man. Still have my big ol’ snowy bear!

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They just want to give speculators another chance to grab tickets and sell them on Ebay. For 3X the cost.

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All I see is a pink haired gnome? Is that the mount?

on the actual article

Sounds like it.

Plus it’d be the same cost as buying a gaming console to go, money better spent elsewhere.

I would guess that you are talking about this thing?

Pink haired gnome would be more exciting.

Mm. Blueberries.

i would guess so

Thats interesting i was looking just yesterday at resellers on github or whatever its called, selling $299 tickets for $549…