Additional Fated Power in Season 4 Fated Raids

I don’t. And I also don’t have a problem with fated.

You also mostly do Normal mode, one good sneeze and the boss falls over. As more mechanics get added, the Fated affixes can become irritating.

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Of course you don’t, you didn’t even finish all the raids on Fated Normal.

imagine an achievement for complete the raid with all 4 affix lol

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Go all the way, Mythic : Fated with 4 affixes and no deaths.

I can see you’re trying to be one of those super toxic and combative types in this conversation and that’s commendable. But being a keyboard warrior here doesn’t really gain you anything except maybe an air of arrogance and insecurity. When you grow up, you’ll learn there are people in the world with different opinions than you. You’ll have to accept that fact some day.

Good luck figuring out how.

No, I’m trying to make you understand no one cares about you not struggling with the dispell affix on Normal because no one does.

It’s on MYTHIC that these affixes show their teeth, because of often already tight windows to deal with mechanics and some mechanics interfering with the Affixes.

So again : thanks for your quip about Normal being easy, no one cares.

You don’t have a different opinion than me, you have no clue what we’re even discussing because you’ve literally never even come close to attempting what we’re talking about that we’ve all done.

It’s not your opinion dude, it’s your complete lack of experience.

Would be cool to have like a first ones style mount like the SL m+/tidestorm skeleton (mythic). Maybe add something like “daring fate” for doing all heroic with all 4 turned on.

Speaking all of this I need to run an addon profiler tonight on jailer (jb’s tweet reminded me today). Guild was not happy with how chaotic essence was lagging me.

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Give us the option to disable fated, not everyone wants to be part of your test experiment. 2 of 4 of the affixing being generally unfun isn’t good for the game and forcing the few remaining people to do it is a joke.

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If you want people to experiment with dealing with multiple powers at once (or, lets face it, spark or emitter since the other two are a joke), at least let the bosses drop one cypher upgrade token per active power.

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i raid mythic and i don’t think any combination of affixes has been really that bad yet. The only exception was most likely first fated Jailer with the dispel buff impacting bomb countdowns, p4 debuffs and also amplifying the arcane damage and Lihuvim first week throwing out seemingly random numbers.

Some combinations felt straight up an improvement over non fated like KT with the purge shield, Sylvanas with motes in first rotation.

Fated seems like a fairly enjoyable experiment however it could have been greatly improved if:

  1. It wasn’t the raids we just finished farming in which we only got 3 this expansion
  2. The catch debuff didn’t penalize you at all for not catching it. Like there should be straight up 0 downsides to not catching outside not getting a buff.

*citation needed

Maybe you’re great with RNG, but eating 2 stacks of the dispell debuff on The Nine because it went on the same person also getting dispelled and not enough soakers could stand in frost to soak them is bad.

There are multiple examples on Mythic where the affixes fit less than ideally with the fight designs.

I don’t really consider having to put slightly more thought into a farm boss really that big of a downside no? The gear we had by the 2nd week of fated combined by the “good” affixes of Fated (3/4) greatly made up for the “bad” combinations in which case only usually required 1-3 wipes before you understood how to do them correctly.

I do, it’s a meme season. We’re already having to teach some of these fights to people who didn’t do S1 and S2.

Nobody is forcing you to raid this season right? You can pretty easily skip going to CN/SOD on the fated weeks if you don’t want to teach people the fights, I do agree people should be able to disable the fated affixes for the guilds who want to just vibe and kill Jailer each week.

We’ve full cleared all 3 fated raids and we’re opting to just cruise for the rest of the season only doing jailer mounts for guildies.

You know what happens to raid guilds who don’t raid.

It’s done now. People want their upgrades.

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  1. Do we choose the buff?
  2. Starting next week as in 9/13?
  3. Can you please increase the rewards to upgrade items to 2 instead of 1 per boss? Its a meme season make it more fun. The affix isnt what is making season 4 “fun”, its the loot and targetting loot to upgrade to max.

My new 60’s who I leveled up after the free offer got ads when they logged in telling them they should do these raids right now. No gear, no legendaries, of course never set foot in these raids. But yeah, that’ll work. Maybe they might, I dunno, target the audience they intend to do it rather than someone who clearly is in no position to?

I’m confused. Anytime you log in during a new patch or something like that, you are told about the content available to you in the current patch. This is nothing new. Just because you’re taking it as them saying: “do this right now” (which is not the case) doesn’t mean Blizzard shouldn’t tell the players what’s up.


You can be LFR ready in around 30 minutes.

So yeah, it works.