Additional Fated Power in Season 4 Fated Raids

We tried for a Sylv mount run during Fated Dom week, doesn’t seem to work anymore.


Damn it was working week 1. Well crap I feel dumb for not staying up to date. Was this week 2 or 5 you tried?

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Are you sure this wasn’t due to the huge issues the first week of fated had? They deployed multiple patches to fix it ending with a post explaining that despite the boss health numbers changing the boss health didn’t actually change?

I don’t think the console has worked since fated launched.

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Saw one other comment somewhere but can’t find it. Not like a great deal many people were in the position to turn it off cause why the hell would they that first week.

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Can we get an option to veto creation spark?


This. We don’t care about Fated, we don’t enjoy Fated. We just want to farm original Jailer to get everyone on our CE guild the damn mount with a minimum of fuss, JUST LIKE WE’VE DONE FOR EVERY END BOSS MOUNT SINCE ARCHIMONDE.

Let us turn fated OFF for the whole raid, so we can just do the original version.

PLEASE. You should have done that from the very beginning of season 4.


No it wasn’t. The console never turned Fated off. Even week 1. We tried, MANY TIMES.

The speculation on reddit/wowhead etc. was that the Console was going to let you turn Fated off. The speculation was wrong.

Not that I blame the speculation, because having a way to turn Fated off is a bloody obvious thing that you’d think was available.

(I’ve also been asking this question in the Season 4 schedule sticky thread, but they refused to answer.)

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Still doesn’t explain why someone remarked the boss lost the affix. It is what it is now. And honestly hearing that it hadn’t been working (no news is good news) I am cynical now cause I have doubts they put in the change within the next 6 weeks before the heavy assumed prepatch day.

Because they were wrong. Or lying. (On the internet? Gasp!)

What’s this “we” crap? Just cuz you don’t like like Fated, doesn’t mean no one else does.


But… But…

No one likes having the dispell affix on Ner’zhul.

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Or as timba said they probably managed to deactivate it during the coding changes that happened that week. Or the console just hid the permanent buff/changed health without doing anything at all, and then they promptly turned it back on to resume the raid. Less malicious explanation and fits with the usual spaghetti code we see.

Never had any problems with it tbh. Never had the thought, “You know what, I bet everyone HATES having to dispel here.” We just went in, smashed it, left. Never even occurred to me that people were on the forums complaining about it. I guess I should’ve figured. People complain about everything on the forums.

The dispel affix was annoying (but then again most people don’t care for it) on sire. We had to slow down p1.

No one is talking about LFR dude.

There was a slight window before nighthunters went off to do it in. Like get cleaved → insta dispell → soak and 1 second to get in place for nighthunters.

But yeah, annoying affix on that fight too. Worse was on The Nine. Get Frost debuff, get Affix debuff. GG.

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You’re right, no one is talking about LFR.

Exactly, so don’t interrupt while we’re talking.

Weird thing to say on a forum. Your attempts at being edgy and witty just make you look silly.

My point is that the dispel mechanic is simple to negotiate and, like I said in my original post, never heard a single complaint from any of our healers on it.

My guild, as was pretty obvious from the context where I talk about how “We just want to farm original Jailer to get everyone on our CE guild the damn mount with a minimum of fuss”.

Please read the whole post, in the future.

And anyway, what do you care if my guild, or anybody’s guild, wants to turn it off?


Your attempts at interjecting with your barely normal mode experience when people are discussing the impact of the affixes on Mythic fights is cute.

Worthless, but cute.

Not on Mythic which we’re talking about.

You done interrupting ?