Add Swimming Training

We have riding and flying training, could be interesting to start adding swimming training and water riding in each xpac.


I’d just like to be able to leap out of the water without my mount evaporating out from under me.


i want to see new players dive into water sink to the bottom and thier toons drown like in most games where u die in water, until they get training.

We also need rpwalkfinder, runfinder, flightfinder, portalfinder, zeppelinfinder, and boatfinder. Did I miss any?


Shamans coming into this thread already being able to mount on top of water:
:eye: :lips: :eye:



That oddly makes me nostalgic for leveling acrobatics and athletics in Oblivion

They removed First Aid and Im wondering if they arent dumbing down alchemy next.
I dont see them ADDING anything to their workload at this point.

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While you are at it, name him Michael Phelps

hopefully they rid of alchemy and engineering so they can make Alchemist and Tinkerer class from WC3

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Better yet remove warlock and necromancer :roll_eyes:

i took swimming lessons at the YMCA back in 1979. didn’t take away my fear of swimming in lakes and oceans where i can’t see the floor and the undersea fauna

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remove monks, they are ust fighting with sweat, fists or beer, like fr

I have a big aversion to swimming in lakes and oceans. I always fear that snapping turtles are going to come up and bite my toes off. I know the chances of that are really slim, and they will leave me alone unless provoked, but still… Snapping turtles!

And the ocean is nasty… and full of things that just want to make your day terrible.

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what kinda things? is this why the ocean water is not drinkable and fresh?

Which games are those that don’t let you swim? I’ve seen a few over the past 30 years, but most games do not kill you for getting in the water, and actually have areas designed for water zones/quests.

sonic, older mario bros, spyro, frogger super smash bros, older GTA, older RDR, the last of us, marvel games, most older super nintendo games.

Should we tell Sega that hedgehogs can swim?

Well you don’t really drown so much as going right though it.

Apparently Spyro had the same weakness as the aliens from Signs in that game. :confused:

RDR2 has swimming now? :open_mouth:

Wait what? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

How can a superhero not swim?

I mean okay, Spiderman is one of them, cause spiders can’t swim… and Human Torch and Daredevil, maybe… but to the rest of them, huh? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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yeah RDR2 you can swim but when you get tired you sink and drown lol

and yep alot of the marvel games you drown in the water.

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Oh. :neutral_face:

I thought it was gonna be how it’s like in GTA 5 (and SA) with underwater diving and 3d exploration. At least i won’t die when i touch a puddle of water in RDR now, so that’s neat. :confused: