Add solo queue to 2's and 3's

LFG is an outdated, and underutilized system (what is this, 2004 chatrooms?). Let me queue with a random healer/dps rather than waiting hours in LFG (yes, I’m okay with playing against a premade; just like any other competitive game out there). Sitting in Valdrakken for hours to play a round is not playing the game.


Playing the game has a tendency to cause burnout. Synergy.

personally I disagree with having two different queues… what they NEED to do is is making the queue like skirmishes most of the time youll get 2v2 and when healers queue youll get a 3v3 simple. all we wnated was rated skirms that contribute to vault and get rewards

Yep. We wanted rated skirms. And as usual Blizzard implemented something in the worst possible way and they are apathetic to changing it.