Add Great Vault Row for Torghast

Right now Torghast and Twisting Corridors feels completely unrewarding. I think it would be cool to see a weekly reward row in the great vault. ilvl could be based on the level of torghast completed. Complete a torghast run, complete both torghast, complete both torghast and twisted, or something like that.


I support this. Would make torghast actually feel more rewarding while also giving solo players great vault options.


I like the idea of it providing a reward option–though it’s hard to say what it should be. I find Torghast to be pretty easy as a hunter…and the right anima powers can make it even easier.

Maybe a weekly cosmetic option in place of an upgrade? Or 200 ilvl? It couldn’t be something to compete with high mythic/raid gear. But should be more than a pile of Stygia.

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Yeah, this would be a wonderful addition to the game. I can’t really find time to M+ with Torghast and Raid.

Torghast by itself is great, but I hate that it’s so unrewarding that it’s “optional” content, meaning that if I only have so much time to devote to the game, I’m gimping myself for playing the thing I like the most outside of a raid, which I’m kinda doing anyway, but it feels bad.

I’m still a huge advocate of them adding more cosmetic rewards to this thing too. It’s a dungeon crawler, give us some treasure!


Agree that most of the times its easy, except some bosses like Maw of the Maw which I have a tough time on. But its a time sink to do it, with little reward, though who knows what soul ash will be used for later down the road. Twisting I’m not sure will be as easy on the higher layers. Blizz obviously has an iLvl in mind for each layer though, and the rewards could be on par with that.


Depends on if Blizzard intends for Torghast to be a “lasting” feature or just a way to get your legendaries (normal wings) or your Maw Mount (from Twisting Corridors).

If it’s meant to be a lasting feature then yes some loot options at end-of-run and in The Vault would be great! :smiley:

Given their penchant for loot scarcity, then they might just want Torghast for your legendary and Maw Mount which would lead to an unlikely addition of weapons/armor as any kind of reward. :frowning: On the other hand, once you have your legendary(s) and mount, you can skip Torghast and it’s one less “chore” to do.

Adding a vault row doesn’t really hurt loot scarcity though, as you still only get one option from the Great Vault each week. Just adds more options to choose from.


I’m still a huge advocate of them adding more cosmetic rewards to this thing too. It’s a dungeon crawler, give us some treasure!

This! Half the fun of a real roguelike is stumbling on random treasure.


I support this as it makes total sense. A solo queue able instance that progresses in difficulty should have a gear pathway to allow further progression in the instance. I suggested the same in a different thread.


Watch players whine saying “Its mandatory for progression” :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure, why not?

That’s true, but I said “end-of-run and in The Vault” because all of the current PvE Vault options also offer a low chance of loot at end-of-run.

It’s possible they could break from that precedent, but why would they? What’s their business case incentive? I would hope they believe it would keep people subscribed because they have a reasonable reward for time invested, but I just think Blizz looks at their correlation of development effort (i.e., game activity/reward) to profit margin differently than most players would reasonably view it. Otherwise, wouldn’t they have put weapon/armor rewards in the initial design? They didn’t, so they clearly think they don’t need to to keep subscribers. :frowning:

At this point we just gotta accept that the game is in a terrible state and pray they fix it in the next big patch.

I doubt it’d go over well. (Omgerd, its ez for me so i like it)
Then you’d have the other (Another thing i need to do to have an option at garbage gear, blah blah blah)

Or the ever lasting problem that Blizz will want people doing some horrid amount to unlock the first box in great vault lol

Not a bad idea for just Twisting Corridors. I don’t think it should be more than 190 ilvl though even floor 18. I don’t think the others deserve a spot since they are done in 30 mins give or take.

Your point is valid. Although they took Torghast from being interesting (and frustrating) and nerfed it because they saw participation being so low. I guess a nerf is probably less effort then adding a great vault row, but seems incentivizing is a better option then child proofing.

yes, lets add another reward for something people hate to do! M+ has timers and a toxic community and is an unrewarding, boring slog, lets give players only in a guild that have the low self esteem to run it a billion times extra loot! Raiding is for guilds only and raiderio (whatever that is) and guilds make it so the average player won’t do it for months, lets give those guys more loot! Hey PvP is a disaster and only the most hardcore players take the time and have the mental capability to login day in and day out to play that crap, lets give them more loot!

The OP’s proposal doesn’t give anyone “more loot” it just adds an option for more choices in the Great Vault based on doing repeatable game content (i.e., Torghast), which still would only allow you to pick a single reward (not two or more).

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That would actually be neat~

One vault row was DoA for me (PvP) and M+ is starting to sour real quick pug wise so having some more options would be fun… but then again the RNG could let some people have such an easy time while other struggle for the same results.

I dunno, lately I do have a bug up my butt about fairness plus I just don’t want to jump thru hoops, doing the circus trick I’m commanded to for my chance at a shiny. When I can feel the lead pulling its not a good design.

I do want to play how I want to and feel like everyone should have this option yet I don’t want a situation where A) people are forced to do content now or B) spoils current content for an already established community.

Great Idea. It would give solo players more content and an alternative way to gear up. 100% support this and I would do it.