Adapting our tactics - alliance

Hi There.

Im facing problems with this quest. I simply can’t do upgrade with Alleria windrunner. Buttom is unclickable and i just got the price asked. i got 73 tokens with only 15 needed.

I accepted this quest in lvl 114, im already lvl 118 and i cant complete.

I already try:
Disable all addons
Abandon and accept quest again.
Seen thousands of videos on youtube
Checked wowhead in all comments,pictures.

Em portugues:

Eu estou encontrando problemas para entregar essa quest. simplesmente é inclicavel o botão. ele me aparece cinza. Eu tenho o preço o valor do upgrade, cumpri os requisitos apontados na quest, mas não completa. já estou a 4 lvls, uns 3 dias tentando completar.

Já tentei:
desligar os addons
abandonar e aceitar a quest
vi duzias de videos no youtube
vasculhei o wowhead

eu estou cumprindo tudo oque a quest diz, mas não consigo comprar o upgrade.


Have u solved this, I have this bug also. I can’t finish the quest.

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Yeah I’ve got this problem too currently. So damn frustrating. >.<

Yeah this has been a problem for me that I literally check daily and it’s super annoying.


same problem here

me guess is maybe we need to lvl until 116

guys… i found out already.

you need to have 100 war cache… from chests & elite and you will be able to go on


I am currently at 142 war cache and i still cant do it. This is actually super annoying.


I have 267 War Resources & cannot click on a button to select an upgrade to complete the quest “Adapting Our Tactics”.
Edit: I was able to complete after recruiting Falstad Wildhammer as my first follower.


did you solved it?

Confirmed: You have to complete the quest that requires you to gather 100 War Resources first (“The War Cache” on the Alliance side) and then do a few follow-up quests, up to sending one of your companions on a mission (“War of Shadows” on the Alliance side). Once the companion is sent, you can choose the upgrade.


i think as long as you have an ally in the mission table you can complete it.

I have solved it you have to have the War Campaign quest completed first. She will not unlock until after you have gathered your 100 resources!!!

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I have solved it you have to have the War Campaign quest completed first. She will not unlock until after you have gathered your 100 resources


And you complete it by checking the quest in your quest log. There was no NPC to turn that into.

hi, you have to click on the white line: … show me my ressources and follower …

before starting my war table missions, I could not even chose anything: both options were unclickable.

Had the same problem on an alt I’m leveling. You cannot chose an upgrade with Alleria until you send Falstad Wildhammer on his first mission, “The Shadow War”.

I just hit 118, and have 2 champions now, still can’t complete, and mission table not open yet

If your mission table is not open yet, then you have not done the first few quests in the War Campaign. These are necessary for Adapting Our Tactics. It starts with The War Chest (collect 100 resources), then turning that in gives Time For War. Turning that in makes the little dwarf to your left (Falstad Wildhammer) give you a quest to go see Matthias Shaw at the mission board, to send Falstad on his first mission as Galia mentioned right above. Then Adapting our Tactics will come online.

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