Activision Blizzard sued by California. This is bad

They don’t teach you much about the difference between criminal and civil law in schools.

Oh boy its popcorn time!

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You seem to be stuck on the idea that I think “ALL” woman were interns. I do not. Again I gave a single instance were what is alleged would be part of normal working conditions and not something illegal. My intent with the original post was to show that the article (and indeed the law suite) is attempting to make it look as bad as possible while providing as little information as possible. To declare judgment after only hearing one side is moronic.

And were did I say maternity leave. I never indicated that was what I was talking about as that is very specific legal language. Woman leave the workforce for varying periods of time depending on their personality, goals and situations (who would have thought.)

The law doesn’t require a room devoted to it and nothing else. Any non bathroom space that can be shielded from view can be used. Nor does the law require that the space not be used for other things while not in use for breast feeding (or pumping.)


OK real talk.
Didn’t know this was going on.

Is this all allegations or is there something to it?

After reading through the lawsuit I would say that there might in fact be some grounds to some allegations. However we have yet to see arguments presented from Blizz.

Short version, Vince:

California sent their people out there to investigate allegations.
They investigated for 2 years, found evidence, and offered to mediate out of court.
Blizzard said “not gonna”
They filed the complaint with court today, and the entire filing is public…and REAL bad.
Blizzard published a statement saying, “we’re appalled”

That’s basically it.


They put out a statement and said the incidents are being “misrepresented”.

That’s a really long and interesting way to type out “I’m an idiot but I realized it far too late before I made real dumb posts”.

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yeah as a woman I think it’s time to quit, if it was a good game I MIGHT consider just ignoring it but it’s not actually a good game anymore LOL!!!


Wtf are they drinking alcohol at work?


FFXIV is just so much better in every way. They respect the players and the dev team is one you can legitimately love.

I left as well, but TBCC is keeping me for now.


Yeah you’re not in any group chats. Nice bait though.

the first thing i thought of when i saw this, i’m cracking up rn lol. a company with trans dragons and lgbt characters doesnt respect their own workers :rofl: virtue signaling trash


Belluar has the court filling up on his Twitter. Should read through it.


getting straight hammered and crawling around apparently.


yeah i’m canceling my sub too, maybe delete account (again lol) if i enjoy FF a lot


I guess Due Process and actually requiring evidence means you’re a misogynist white supremacist, right?

And the fact an investigation has taken place doesn’t count as evidence.

I fully expect the allegations to be pursued with all due seriousness.

But unless we’re in Feudal Europe, we don’t form a lynch mob before the trial is concluded.

Then again, this is the WoW general forum, so deliberation and proof hardly thrives here anyway.


Thank you for taking the time to write this out, it was really interesting to read :heart:


Thanks for the summary. I hadn’t seen a blizzard response yet.

It was a great write up on par with Viva Frei.

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He doesn’t. An uninformed sexist… thing… can’t comprehend how terrible he is.

Oh he got even worse. Check these out:

And this one is my favorite:

I guess we should take out bathrooms, because those aren’t necessary either. :rofl::roll_eyes::woman_facepalming:t4: