Active Authentication Issues 11/28

With alot of the high end streamers with no interuptions, they will praise the game… but dont realise how many people cant get on and wont criticize blizzard. They get special treatment, special phases and were giving the best wow experience while the rest of us cant play.


I played when Wrath launched, when they had the most subs ever, and other than door boss issues I got on and played with my guild just fine. Kinda shoots your argument in the foot.

Are they “big” streamers tho? :slight_smile:

Any news when Illidan will be brought back online?


Seems like lots of Streamers aren’t having problems and seem to be questing and streaming in DF almost alone. Wonder why.

Update at 6:43 p.m. PST:
We are continuing to investigate the issues affecting certain realms and may be doing some realm restarts in the process. Thank you for your patience.


“It’s really unfortunate that my first experience has been this poor for the launch of Dragonflight.”

Wow, this is your first WoW expansion experience? Even though you have the Legion CE Achievement from 2015 and the BFA CE Achievement from 2018? Did you buy those expacs and just simply didn’t play them?? Or are you just making up BS to garner sympathy and internet points?

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I care so little about streamers, I honestly wouldn’t know :smiley: But now the argument veers into a bit of a tin foil-lined rabbit hole if we start assuming only some streamers get preferential treatment even among those that Blizz endorses and, above that, that Blizz has the ability to “fix” issues for a handful of folks without affecting the remainder of the server they play on.

I mean, if you’ve got a fix, wouldn’t you just deploy the bloody thing?

"Certain realms: You mean just illidan? stop lieing, literally worthless

The first experience of this expasion, dumbass

Lmao certain realms, is it all the populated RP servers? Argent dawn EU, Moon Guard US, and Wyrmrest Accord US?

Same i mean good for them having a good time, but it doesn’t mean that others should suffer.

A52 is a dumpster fire too.

On the plus side, I’ll have my Fel Drake before I get to really play.


And here I was just thinking about my alts. Bad over there too, huh? Unplayable on Illidan. I’m one of the lucky few and I’m only 4 quests in.

your servers are bad and you should feel bad

I’m irritated with Area52, seeing lots of friends on though, hope they are at least enjoying it. :woman_shrugging:

My characters at the tower/harbor are forever stuck in ‘world down’ ‘character with that name exists’ and any other chars if I log in and go to a different zone gets stuck in the forever loading and no NPCs or monsters being around.

We have people are are 63/64 in my guild already. Meanwhile we have people who can’t step onto the Dragon Isles still.

ahh yes the log in servers must be why each quests takes 10+ minutes in game

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small indie company btw!