Actions Taken Against Exploitation -- July 1 Update

sooo much salt. Sorry. It isnt going to change. Deal with it.


There are a vast, vast number of reports of you banning legit players, with these false positives requiring massive amounts of work to overturn, including threats by Blizzard to stop attempting to overturn a ban. There are dozens of Youtube videos of false bans as well as forum posts demonstrating that a user had to appeal many, many times, under threat of account punishment, in hopes to get unbanned. This is a broken system. What are you doing to fix this situation?

Also, the 30 day instance limit is seen as the #1 most poorly received update to the game to date, as evidenced by it being the #1 most commented poor patch in the entire WoW Classic forums to date. What are you doing to fix this?


Thank you Blizzard! Keep up the good fight

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Thank you Blizzard! Keep up the good fight.

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I can give you a really quick fix - quit playing WoW and go get a job.


Don’t know where you get your data but I missed that survey and I’d vote against tokens in classic


Amount of posts does not equate to “most poorly received”

A large chunk of those posts are made by the same people, some with literally hundreds of posts in there

Just because a vocal minority of people keep whining about the change does not mean its the “most poorly received update”

It just means that the ones who did receive it poorly are very dedicated to stomping their feet and crying about it daily


This is great to hear. But please, remove the 30 instance cap. Clearly you guys have ways to identify and ban botters/exploiters without the cap. So now it’s just hurting legitimate players who just want to play your game a lot.



Can you please verify if killing Landslide’s Shardlings over and over without killing Landslide is going to be patched?

Thank you! <3

Perhaps you should go back in that thread and make a tally. Youre vastly outnumbered.

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Thank you for the update and the hard work!

You’re linking the EULA, which is great. However, there seems to be a fair number of players that either don’t understand or are willfully ignorant of the contents.

30 instance cap etc

While I was locked out of doing instances a few days ago I started tallying up the for against and it was actually pretty hilarious. I even made a simple web app to tally up for / against / unrelated or reply (with manual inputs to increment). I only went up to the first 500 comments but it was 15 for 394 against and 91 unrelated or reply. I didn’t need to go any further as it was overwhelmingly obvious the handful of people defending the change were full of it.

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To be blunt any data pulled of the forums is literally useless. People AstroTurf all the time by posting their preferred position and then suddenly there’s 5-10 low level forum posters making their first ever post that say “I agree”. People absolutely switch avatars to support their own arguments on here. Also, the forums represent a tiny tiny minority of players. I would imagine a comfortable majority of players literally don’t know that the 30/day cap even exists.


Theres things you can use to see whos posting on alt characters.

Also, what you just said is what all the people on the losing side of a debate say on these forums. The largest thread ever on classic forums and overwhelmingly against the change

I’m well aware. It’s not perfect data. Sure people can switch avatars and comment multiple times against. But the same can be said for people posting for the change. Hell there are a handful of people in the thread that literally have 100s of responses…But it still doesn’t change the FACT that the overwhelming majority of posts on the most commented thread in this forums entire history are against the change. That doesn’t mean it represents the entire community. But to me it clearly indicates that it’s irritated a lot of players enough that they’ve come to the forum to comment their displeasure on the thread. I’m one of those people. I’ve had no reason to come to the forums until that change was made and I’m very sure many many people have done the same. It’s making a fundamental change to the gameplay of A LOT of legitimate players.

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Yep. It’s increasingly obvious that both classic WoW and its toxic fanbase are on the wrong side of history. I need my cosmetic/mount shop and microtransaction skinner box gameplay as much as I need my facebook and tiktok accounts to feel social validation. Corporations in 2020 need to understand that I’m the product not their software/games/whatever.

Get with the times, or get lost.

Hahahaha, I love salty Multiboxers. Theyre not reverting the 30 instance lock, the majority of us are happy about that change so multiboxers and mages can’t print gold at the expense of everyone else.


Okay, but do you agree or disagree with the statement: