Actions Taken Against Exploitation -- July 1 Update

Give it up already. It’s a post about botting. They are never going to change the 30 day lock no how many times you whine.


This is good! I didn’t expect to hear about the bot issue again so soon from the blue fellas. Keep up the good work.



:heart: :smiley:


“Overwhelming majority”

Yeah ok, more like a vocal minority of pay 2 win whales who should stick to retail


Can we get confirmation that farming dungeons constantly was not considered an exploit even when announcing the 30/day cap please?


Nope, not even remotely want it. But hey, feel free to show your documented evidence of what “the overwhelming majority of the playerbase” wants.


Doesn’t matter either way now, theres a limit so you will never have to worry about it

Do you really think they’re gonna be like “oh, no it isn’t, here we’ll change it back”


They weren’t legit players, they were buying gold.


Please stop calling the running of low level dungeons on a L60 “hardcore” it is embarrassing to read.


Another person spouting the blatantly false “it does nothing to bots” line

Do yourself a favor and do some critical thinking before parroting the angry forum mobs trash arguments

Anyone with half a brain would be able to see that cutting their efficiency by 75% on a server forcing them to swap realms thus making them extremely easy to detect and ban is a whole lot more of an inconvenience than “nothing”


Fixed it for you.

GJ Blizzard ! Thanks for the communication too.
Dunno why some people are upset here while few weeks ago a lot of them were asking for communications/actions against bots.


“It does nothing!!”

That’s not true and not even relevant.


You’re serious aren’t you? You’re not special, and you aren’t entitled to playing how you want to play.


whats with all the snarky night elfs? malfurion got your panties in a bunch?

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Their bots got banned.

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Thank you for the updates! The #1 thing is just communication. You guys are always quick to mention that we need to communicate to you (in the form of reports), but never forget that you need to maintain communication with the players. People feel so much more comfortable knowing that you guys exist and are doing something. I’ll be 100% honest, for a few months before these past bans, it really didn’t look or feel like anybody was actually working on maintenance for Classic.

As you have seen over the years, no matter what you do, some voices are going to trash you on the forums. Just keep a pulse on the actual community and keep communicating on things you do. Never be scared to tell us what you are doing for fear of a backlash from the community. Sometimes it’s justified (in which case you can adjust), sometimes it’s not.

The community has been reacting and crying for help on bots for months now with basically no word from you. It sucks that it got to that point, but the best thing to do is continue filling the communication gap going forward and trying to avoid it ever faltering again.

Thanks again for stepping up further on this rather than letting it remain the giant elephant in the room for even longer.

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Do another bot banwave, they are still rampant.

Did you even read the post?


Arlaeus pretty much put a nail in that coffin. He got unbanned because he had another account to spam tickets on to get unbanned. He also got a linen cloth farmer unbanned as well. Watch the video.

Legit people are getting hit for sure.

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No. Tokens actually make botting worse.

Tokens give botters a means to run an account without paying a subscription. It gives botters a way to bot without even having to steal accounts to save on costs.

This is probably the primary reason that you cannot run retail and Classic simultaneously on the same account. If you could, botters would be running retail to pay for their sub while botting in Classic on the same account.