Actions Taken Against Exploitation -- July 1 Update

Please cite your source for this ludicrous claim.

Feel free to cite the source for this as well.

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It was overwhelmingly obvious that a large portion of posts in these threads are done by numerous alts paraded out.

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Ah yes, Misadventure. You have 140 replies in that thread. Constantly making claims that can’t be backed up and literally spamming. I have no idea how you aren’t permanently banned from these forums. The amount of toxic BS you spew is impressive.

Those “alts” are far more likely to be people coming to the forums for the first time. The avatar is automatically chosen when you come to the forums and it’s likely to default to an alt character. I’m guessing it just goes alphabetically and will choose the first character it sorts by.


And how many do you have across all of the alts you trotted out? Nobody buys that you suddenly appeared when this change was made.

Such as? Discussing things at length =/= “spamming”.

Perhaps because what I post are opinions and not in any way against the forum TOS?


That in no way excuses the same player account swapping to different characters repeatedly. Once you are logged in with a character that character is the one that is posted with until you intentionally log out and then under a different one.


As I’ve said multiple times. The only reason I came to this forum is because this change is bad and affects my gameplay. Why would I lie about that?

Sure posting your opinions based on complete conjecture isn’t against the TOS. On a post by post basis I would say sure that’s fine. But you’re literally commenting on every single thread to argue for the sake of arguing devoid of logic. That is the definition of trolling. It’s completely toxic to discourse and anyone who has been on these forums for more than an hour can see it.


I do not respond in every thread, not even remotely. I do not “argue for the sake of arguing devoid of logic”. Just because you do not agree does not mean that my arguments lack logic, it means either you do not understand or you are being willfully dismissive.

Want to talk about spamming?
Your ENTIRE posting history is about this one sole subject.


Again, that’s the only reason I’m on the forums. But still you’ve commented on that thread literally 6x more than me. 140 times! You’re just proving my point.

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Vastly outnumbered by complainers on the forums

Wow big surprise

Meanwhile everyone who doesn’t even use the forums or doesn’t care and/or supports the change will not be spending their time posting in a thread about it a week later, but the people butthurt about it will keep spamming in it


So are you implying that there can be too much of something, necessitating a cap? Frequency of posting has zero to do with legitimacy of argument being made.

Also, your buddy “Owns” has more posts than I in that thread. But I guess it is not “Spamming” or “Trolling” when it is someone who agrees with you. Right?


Thanks for keeping us updated.

Thank you for the communication and update.

Alright, lets see here…

You misrepresented my post. You’re trying to put words in my mouth that I’m “implying that there can be too much of something, necessitating a cap”. You made a false equivalency that posting a lot on the forums == doing a lot of dungeons. You argue that frequency of posting has no merit for analyzing arguments. DEVOID OF LOGIC. Please stop spamming.

Your buddy “Owns” has more posts than I in that thread. But I guess it is not “Spamming” or “Trolling” when it is someone who agrees with you. Right?

If you truly see dissenting opinions as “spam” or “trolling”. Use the ignore function.


Keep doing it, I wanna see people who bought gold from gold selling sites get the ban hammer to the face.


Assuming I know who Owns is or have any relation to him is DEVOID OF LOGIC and some pointless conspiracy theory. If someone is responding and contributing to discourse I wouldn’t consider that spamming. But if they’re spamming the same argument, misrepresenting facts, or are trolling I would say that it is.

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Thank you for communicating with us

I truly hope this helps. Currently the herb market is completely horrid. 30g per stack of 5 Major Mana Potion + other consumes I usually drop 200-250g per raid. I herb and log in around 5 AM to try to get a few stacks a few times a week but it’s hard to even get nodes.

Legit players who violated ToS, no question.

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Keep them coming.

Now gold farmers are using the in-game mail system to promote their gold sales. How do we report that/them to Bliz?