"Account wide essences" was a lie

At the end of Legion, they greatly increased the amount of XP given from invasions so that people could speed level alts. They also made it so that you could purchase legendary item on any of your toons and send them to an alt.

Replying to the title, there still aren’t account-wide essences if I have to buy them after working to get them on one toon. I can’t believe that real people are applauding this new currency system. Just make the essences account-freaking-wide. If I have a 120 toon, all the essences I’ve earned on other toons should be available to that toon. Why should I have to work to gain the things again at all? I’ve already done it once.

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Because if you gotta earn them again you’ll need sub time. Ez hustle.

In 1 day doing what I was doing anyway I got more than enough for a rank 3. You and I have very different uses of the word

I probably have plenty to get another one by now but there isn’t really anything I need so I haven’t bothered checking.

You…I like you.

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bfa account wide essences that is what I want the essences I grinded on my main on all my alts so that I can use them and have more fun and more content to do you know what I don’t want is another currency to grind another currency that’s dog sludge holding me back from using my other alts. I WANT ACCOUNT WIDE ESSENCES NOT ANOTHER CURRANCY TO FARM