"Account wide essences" was a lie

Yet another way to introduce a problem, then suddenly look like they’re listening by proposing another solution later on that down the road. lol

You can’t use forced compliance to gauge popularity. That should be common sense.



I don’t believe you.

Just a quick search for threads on this very forum - requests to change the essence system outnumber requests to change how raiding or m+ works 20:1.

  1. To 1.

I’ll concede that there may be a silent majority of people out there that don’t agree with me, but since you’d have to concede the same point to me, we’re back where we started. That’s why it’s called a logical fallacy.

By any objective measure, the essence system is less popular than M+ and raiding.

And the best part? It doesn’t matter at all. You keep bringing the argument back to a point that means nothing.

Gather feedback. Make changes. Repeat. That’s development. That’s how it works.

More illogical statements trying to justify your own confirmation bias.

Also your 20:1 is highly suspect and lacks reference to what the complaints are (not to mention people who don’t like to raid or M+ aren’t actually going to be complaining about changing those).

Lastly you are the one claiming that an activity that a majority doesn’t do is some how superior in popularity to other content.

So here is the end of this with your quote “This is a game. If it isn’t fun, it isn’t a success.”. You are having a hard time understanding that you are not the alpha and omega of deciding fun. Everything else after that is you stacking personal opinion and anecdotal evidence to support it.

At this stage, I’m not even sure what you’re trying to say. I’m starting to think you’re arguing just to argue, i.e., trolling. I have evidenced the contents of this forum since 8.2 launched. You have pulled some “silent majority” (an actual, named logical fallacy) out as a defense.

I posit, based on the evidence available, that most players do not enjoy the current essence system. Something blizzards own analysis seems to support, since they did make a change.

My suggestion is to gather feedback on the subject, and if a plurality of players believe time-gating essences behind limited dailies and world quests is fun, then continue to do it, and if the numbers show most people would rather have them unlocked on the vendor, do that, and if most people would just like to have an “essence” talent slot added to the paper doll with all of them available, do that.

Gather feedback. Make changes. Repeat. That’s my suggestion.

To be clear, I will not be answering you anymore unless you give me a compelling argument.

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No you are wrong, to use your vernacular here. At the end of Legion you got your weapon to 50, that was it. There has never been this mythical catch up system you have created in your own mind, mainly because there has never been a system like this before. You can keep shaking your fist at the sky, you are completely wrong in that sense alone.

Why do people keep saying this when he’s said multiple times that he already has them all?

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See - they fixed it!

They have them all for dps, and assume hybrids should be handed to them. Thing is those with multi specs had to put in the time to get those extra essences. They were in no case handed to them. I know for this toon for instance I had to grind all the extra items to unlock those. Now, because I have done that work I can buy them for all my toons. Playing a class with one spec and expecting to get all the others is indeed asking for handouts.

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Everyone, go home, it’s over. They made it fair-er than before.

He has them all on all roles from playing a multi role class. So do I because I got them all on my monk. The system works great for me, not so much for someone who made the mistake of maining a DPS class.

Ok so? They have to earn them once then, and then it’s unlocked, I still don’t get the outrage.

Bottom line is someone who played a pure DPS will get significantly less benefit from this update than someone who mained a hybrid class.

Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes once in a while won’t kill you.

But they don’t, we had to actually unlock them and work towards getting them. They were not handed to us, as I have stated before. They have their alts that require them in their minds but have yet to unlock them on those toons. So you think it’s ok to negate the work others put in to appease the few who are complaining?

And here we go low brow, cool, suit you. I can empathize but also have a differing opinion. You see, that is how it really works.

Yeah, here we go lol:


There’s your empathy. Figured Blizzard would fix it, because as people have mentioned here it was not good for pure DPS.

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At the end of Legion, they greatly increased the amount of XP given from invasions so that people could speed level alts. They also made it so that you could purchase legendary item on any of your toons and send them to an alt.

Replying to the title, there still aren’t account-wide essences if I have to buy them after working to get them on one toon. I can’t believe that real people are applauding this new currency system. Just make the essences account-freaking-wide. If I have a 120 toon, all the essences I’ve earned on other toons should be available to that toon. Why should I have to work to gain the things again at all? I’ve already done it once.

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Because if you gotta earn them again you’ll need sub time. Ez hustle.

In 1 day doing what I was doing anyway I got more than enough for a rank 3. You and I have very different uses of the word

I probably have plenty to get another one by now but there isn’t really anything I need so I haven’t bothered checking.

You…I like you.

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bfa account wide essences that is what I want the essences I grinded on my main on all my alts so that I can use them and have more fun and more content to do you know what I don’t want is another currency to grind another currency that’s dog sludge holding me back from using my other alts. I WANT ACCOUNT WIDE ESSENCES NOT ANOTHER CURRANCY TO FARM