Account stuck due to mail (Benediction)

My character (Fingerstinks : Warrior : Benediction) is stuck due to mail being in my mail box. I want to switch him to another server and cant even delete my mail to do it. Im currently 5 hours into queue, and it says another 8 hours until i get in.

Can i have my mail deleted? I dont care if i lose it all, it is most likely trash anyways.

Thanks! Happy release day!

Yup, it was just a note from a chatty NPC :slight_smile:


Thanks so much! :smiley:

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This is for ANY Game Master, i want to do the character migration from Benediction to Eranikus as well. from what i see it may be blocked from mail in the mailbox. if there is anything in there delete it. i dont care what it is even if its 1 million gold delete it. 8 hours in queue and another 5 to go… my level 70 druid is what needs the transfer Ðamion

Just a heads-up, there are no GMs here on the forums. One of our amazing Support Forum Agents (blue text posts) has been able to help some people out, but they’ve gone home for the night. It’s possible they might be able to assist tomorrow when they get back in, but it may be faster to get logged in and clear things out yourself too.

Best of luck either way!


well i started to log on at say noon its now almost 8pm i have just over 12 hours left to log in if my math is correct. as it hops between 500-750ish minutes remaining

There’s only one support agent able to assist people on these forums?

Orlyia is not a GM, and technically what she’s been doing is out of scope for her job, which consists mainly of guiding players through the support system and answering questions. In this case, however, it appears she did receive permission to step outside the box and assist with the mail issues. In the past, the only option you’d have would be to submit a ticket and wait for a response.

I should note, there are no GMs on the forums. Only our awesome SFAs (Support Forum Agents).


Tickets are responded to 24/7 by GMs, though they are running at about 7-ish days turnaround time. We have a couple very active SFAs who help when and where they can - who have been given special dispensation to help in the case of mail hindering free transfers because of the insane backlog of tickets. So yes, there are only a couple but they are not manning this forum 24/7.


I can’t use my free character xfer, still says i got stuff in mailbox (which i dont), and says i need to leave arena teams (which I have none!!) Rickyroselló - Alliance Benediction server

If you need mail purged from a character please post in the following thread with the name and realm of the character: