Account silenced

Yep, I was wondering when this would come up. This is the Customer Support forum (which is a player to player forum with Blizzard guidance and moderation), not Customer Service (which is accessed by tickets).

A Blue response is not guaranteed and the forums are not an alternative contact point for Blizzard. The sticky threads at the top of the forum do explain what the Customer Support forum is all about.

In addition, the forums are not here to discuss account actions, and is actually against the Forums Code of Conduct. Asking for advice on what to do tends to be allowed, but the moment the thread turns into a debate, that’s when threads get locked.


Then don’t comment and let a blue poster say it? This is ridiculous how many people are in here telling me what to do when I said why I’m trying A CUSTOMER SUPPORT FORUM

Yes, but those people are probably streamers or something. You’re just going to have to suck it up and wait like the rest of us who have been silenced before.

I’m trying to tell you they cannot discuss your disciplinary actions in here and tell you what exactly you said they’re just going to be like, “make a ticket and we’ll be with you shortly.”

Please read the stickies at the top. That will tell you the purpose of this forum. If you had bothered to read them you would have known you can’t bypass the ticket system by coming to this or any other forum


And the voice of reason has spoken.

Just going to post this here:

Which is found in:


And you’re not going to get anywhere by posting here.

The CS forum is more of a help desk to point in the the right direction So in reality you’re not going to get any information posting here.

Ticket’s are the ONLY way you’ll get any information.


chirst. this is so beyond insane how many people come in here. I’m just trying to get help because my email didn’t tell me why I got silenced and by logic this is a CUSTOMER SUPPORT FORUM SO I THOUGHT I WOULD POST HERE.

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ok again i’m just trying my luck for the 30th time. you people need to chill.

I certainly am coming to see why you got silenced


you are the one yelling, pot meet kettle

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Luck has nothing to do it with.

You’re not going to get anywhere asking about why you got silenced.

Okay, I am not sure what you aren’t understanding here. People keep telling you cannot bypass the ticket system by using the forums, if it was like that then we’d all be happy and bypassing ticket times. You need to be patient and wait like everyone else, I know how you feel I’ve been in the same boat as you before, but it’s no excuse to be rude to people or not to read the customer support sticker. And technically you’re bypassing anyways, silenced in-game players aren’t even suppose to post on here.


See! That’s what I’m saying.

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The e-mails are supposed to provide a snippet of the conversation, or one of them at least to provide a point of reference. Sometimes it works, other times it doesn’t. There isn’t rhyme or reason to why some peoples’ emails have it and others don’t.

I want a dollar deposited every time this claim comes up and it’s proven so very wrong, because these “OMG MASS REPORTED!!!1” posts are getting ridiculous. I’ve yet to see a valid case of mass reporting come through here, as proven by our SFAs.

It takes a single report to bring you under review by a GM. If you’re silenced and not suspended, then it would be on par for an initial sanction. Some people have been outright suspended for a week for their first.

Without the email providing some basis, it could have been for spamming. It could have been for chattering on in LFG rather than using it to form groups like it’s supposed to be. It could have been for how you spoke to someone or something you said in general. Just note that sometimes investigations take time and it could have been from a week ago or longer.

I really appreciate you wanting to help out, but so many times you’re unknowingly causing more harm than good in how you phrase and word things. They are in Customer Support. They need Customer Service, through the tickets. Adding to the headache that perpetuates that streamers get better service, they don’t, so please don’t repeat that nonsense.

You’ve been told how your expectations for this forum are misguided. I will warn you with one extra caveat - most people want a Blue response. Then one of our SFAs chime in and then feelings are hurt when the claims of not doing anything wrong or being mass reported are eviscerated.

I would absolutely leave your ticket open though. Even if it’s answered after the silence is up, if it’s overturned? It will clear the black mark off your account. If you don’t at least try to appeal, that black mark can come back to haunt you at a later time if you’re found to be running afoul of the rules in the future.


Yeah, I know. I’ve been silenced before, I know how this whole ordeal goes with emails. I think it took me a total of 3 emails to figure out what I did wrong. My post was referring to the forums.

No? I was asking if they were streamers. I’m just trying to say, that everyone keeps repeating the same thing, there’s no possible thing we can say differently about forum disciplinary stuff.

Thank for you at least being helpful, unlike most people in here.

That’s mainly why I posted here since the email didn’t say why.

I don’t use LFG to post, so it can’t be me spamming LFG for dungeons, I rarely pvp, so it cant be me “flaming” people in pvp since even when I do I don’t talk in chat.

I rarely talk outside of group/raid/guild chat so I think I know what it is, and if its that holy cow, They griefed my quest by resetting the mobs and told me to die and said “reported” when i called them griefers.

What? Excuse me? Everyone here has been extremely helpful, telling you to contact support from the ticket and that CS can’t really help you here. But okay,

When they said this to you, all that you should have done was reported them and moved on. By saying what you did, you open yourself up to being reported as well. Always report, ignore, and move on. Never interact.