Account silenced

No idea why, My email didn’t even say what I said, So I think I got mass reported because when people get mass reported this is what their email looks like.

It’s a week silence too and I haven’t been silenced in classic that I remember, or even in the last 10 years that my emails show. This really impact my gameplay since I can no longer pug. If I knew what I said I wouldn’t be so upset or maybe I would be more depending on why I got silenced.

Unfortunately there’s not much you can do on the forums, all you can do is appeal, I think the appeal page will offer a small recap of the logs.


I don’t think you meant to include that screenshot, Kozzae. :wink:

However, Kozzae is correct. The only way to appeal a silence is via tickets, specifically the link included in the email.

Good luck!


I wouldn’t be making a post if their ticket times weren’t over TWO WEEKS.

hence why i’m trying here.

They can’t tell you if you want to know why then please contact customer support. This is what I did, and they told me.

To give you a bit of insight, you cannot say anything sexual, disrespectful, or swear words(like cussing someone out.)

Two week wait time. Silence is a week. kinda silly.

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That’s understandable, but:

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It’s an estimate, but still, either way, who cares how long it is? It’s still good to reference in the future what you can or cannot say.

I just wanna know what I said since the email didn’t say.

Ticket times are actually closer to 7 days, not 14.

That said, if it was a silence, then the logs were reviewed by a GM and the silence was applied manually. All silences are applied by GMs.


They don’t really tell you lol, just contact support I don’t know why this is so difficult to understand.

You’re not going to find that out by posting on the forums. The only way to get more information or appeal the account action is via tickets. A Support Forum Agent (blue poster) may give a small reminder, but that’s about it.


People are trying to help you, don’t come on here and start crapping on people because it isn’t the response you’re looking for. No wonder you got silenced. Besides she’s right anyways.

Fixed, wasn’t sure what was going on with my pasteboard

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I’m just trying my luck here and I’m not even being that rude. I’m just posting here because it’s a CUSTOMER SUPPORT forum, I’m asking for support from blizzard.

Ticket times are about a week, what you see is an estimate of the oldest ticket, but again the forums don’t bypass the ticket system.

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We’ve told you, to contact customer support. They’re just going to tell you the same thing we’re telling you.

I’ve seen people get bypassed by twitter, reddit and the forums before. It’s why I made this post, I don’t get why everyone is just going off topic. I just want to try my luck here. That’s it. I want to know why I got silenced.

Yep, I was wondering when this would come up. This is the Customer Support forum (which is a player to player forum with Blizzard guidance and moderation), not Customer Service (which is accessed by tickets).

A Blue response is not guaranteed and the forums are not an alternative contact point for Blizzard. The sticky threads at the top of the forum do explain what the Customer Support forum is all about.

In addition, the forums are not here to discuss account actions, and is actually against the Forums Code of Conduct. Asking for advice on what to do tends to be allowed, but the moment the thread turns into a debate, that’s when threads get locked.


Then don’t comment and let a blue poster say it? This is ridiculous how many people are in here telling me what to do when I said why I’m trying A CUSTOMER SUPPORT FORUM