Account Most Likely Hacked Nothing They Can Do

So I deployed near the end of MOP. When I returned I went to college and used a new .edu email. I just recently bought wow again. I forgot the password to my email but that was easy. When I logged into wow. I had nothing. fresh account no Achievements, mounts, pets etc… Ticketed a GM and got sorry can’t help with accounts that old (4 years ago). When I checked my email it shows that my account is still active because I am getting play time reports from the parental control settings… Yet still nothing they can do.

Could you be a little more specific? What was it that they said that they can’t help with?

Even if an account had been compromised long ago, it can still be placed into the control of the registered account holder. But it wouldn’t be under the same email as the new account that you setup.


The bnet account email would likely have been changed, but if they did not have access to the parental control email that might still be intact and sending notices to the original account holder.

Interesting case.

Not true, unless work from home has limited their access to information tools.

Even a compromised account can be handed back to the original account holder if they can provide ID proving they are the original account holder.

There are some exceptions, when an account appears to have been sold it might not be returned. It just depends on what the investigation shows when they look into it.


Yeah…definitely need more info. Why would you re-buy the game rather than just trying to access your old account? Of course if you create a new account it’s going to be empty. I myself have been gone from the game for coming up on 3 years now. I don’t expect to play again…but if I ever did my account would still be there.


If youve bought a new wow licence on a totally new email or new bnet account, of course your going to have a completely new account with nothing. Even buying a new licence on an existing bnet account will do that. If your original account it under a different email address you need to contact support with that information and attempt the recover the account. Hopefully you didnt use fake names/silly names etc on the account because you will need to send in photo ID to reclaim it.
That being said, for a comprimised account to be regularly played with log in info etc is highly unusual. Comprimised accounts get found pretty quickly and locked down because they normally get stripped of all gold value, everything gets vendored , the gold will be transferred to other accounts and then the accounts get used for some not so kosher things. Hacked accounts dont normally get utilised as playable.