Account is just Messed up

So My level 120, that I leveled legit has all of her quests in Pandaria reset, like she’s never been there before, and most of the map is reset as well. Yet my level 83 Warlock, also leveled legit, did the opening cinematic for the MoP, went out to talk to the Elf, after the initial conversation, nothing. No quest to go to the airship, no airship itself, and no way to move on. I went through the portal, flew to the starting area, and the sha was already out. I went back to Stormwind, looked at the board, and I had quests for way deep into the MoP scenario, like she was there for a long time, though she had never set foot in the place before. I’ve had lots of issues with all of my toons like this, and not just from MoP. Can and will this be fixed?

did u faction change your 120 that will cause the quest reset as for the panda quest you probably started it and left off at some point.


Nope, I finished everything in Pandaria as an Alliance NE Druid, and am still the same. I have faction changed other characters, and boosted a couple with the free boosts I’ve received, but my Druid has been leveled 100% legit, and back before all the Xp and rep boosts available now, even done without looms. I stopped subbing for 3 months while I was over seas helping out a friend, and after a while being home, decided to try to get back into it, but my game is just broke. All of my reputations were all reset as well. None of my toons had any rep with anyone, so it’s definitely something server side, just can’t seem to get anyone to look into it, and figure out what’s going on. I have spent months getting new factions unlocked for the new races, but I can not seem to get any of the old ones to raise at all.

I’m not aware of any issues where a character would have been reset, Bhangi. I’ve never seen anything like that happen in all my years here. Not saying it couldn’t happen, but usually there is another explanation. Hopefully we can figure it out. :slight_smile:

You mentioned your Night Elf Druid, so I’m going to assume that’s the only 120 you are referring to. I’m afraid all I see completed was some initial quests into Jade Forest ending on “Pillaging Peons”.

I know you said you leveled the character entirely without boosts, etc… but from what I can see, Bhangi, your Night Elf Druid was boosted to 100 from 11, back in 2016.

I’m not certain what you mean. You don’t have any reputation on any of your characters? For characters that boosted, you won’t see many reputations until you actually go to locations and interact with various characters that provide it.

If I am misunderstanding the situation, please let me know.


Well, I didn’t remember boosting my druid, but it happens to more than just this one toon. I made a human warlock, leveled it to 83-ish, and tried to go to Pandaria, but I ended up having to go through the portal, since the quest line didn’t complete either. It broke after watching the scene with the king, and talking to the NE outside of the castle. He never asked me to go to the ship, and go to Pandaria, effectively breaking the chain, and after going through the portal, I missed all of the opening parts of arriving at Pandaria, and had to pick up quests starting from Dawn’s Blossom on. This is like hit-or-miss for other toons as well. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I’ve noticed that, since I updated to the SL pre-purchase, and updated, since I last played the game, the “older” content is either broken, or has issues. Some of which are items/mobs falling through the ground, and falling through the map. Even had a griffon fly me through a mountain, and then kick me off of it below the FP landing, and I fell, but caught on something, and so I used my hearth to go back, and then had to make the trip all over again, and it worked. Just little things that are annoying, and cause a lot of work to get to work. It seems to be centered around MoP and WoD specifically. Legion has, for the most part, been great, with no issues.

Shadowlands content hasn’t rolled out at all yet. All that’s happened if you pre-purchased a digital version is that your account has already been flagged for the purchase. No content would have been downloaded as a reult.

Everyone, even those who don’t purchase the current or future expansions, all play on the exact same game client :wink:

If you do happen to run into any other bugs, best place to report them is the Bug Report forum.